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Rekindle Your Romance with the Love of your Life- Tips on How to Get your Ex Back

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The end of a relationship or a breakup is one of the hardest and most painful endeavors that almost everyone has had to endure. A break up is normally the product of a relationship that had to end because one of the partners decided that he or she wants out of it. There may have also been an indiscretion, wherein one of the partners cheated on the other by engaging in sexual intercourse with another person. Another instance is if partners desire different things, such as marriage, which is a very daunting task for the other partner especially if he or she does not want to get married.

There are many reasons why relationships end. In most circumstances there will always be a person that would want to get back together in the relationship. When this is the case, the person will try to contact the other by means of calling, texting, e-mailing, and messaging in social media and begging the other to reconsider the relationship. Often times there are many promises that people make in trying to get their ex back. They will also send gifts and trinkets that symbolize the relationship and why it does not have to end. In getting your ex back, there are many ways that you can get by your ex.

The Step-by-Step Process of Getting your Ex Back

1stStep- When a couples break up, the first step in getting your ex back is to give them time on their own. Time is the greatest healer of all. You must not in any case contact them for they will feel trapped and this is not a good feeling to have as they might use this as another reason to leave the relationship. Time apart is when a person reflects on the relationship. There are some wounds that are still healing and time apart normally heals that. You ex will also be wondering about you and how you are holding up. It is important that you do some thinking as well to analyze the mistakes that you did and hopefully, improve them when you get back together with your ex.

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2ndStep- End of relationships produces a rollercoaster of emotions that both you and your ex will develop cold feeling to each other. This is a normal circumstance in most relationships. You may use reverse psychology in winning back the person that you love by acting like everything is fine and that you have actually moved on. You may even use a friend of the different sex to pretend that you are going out and having a great time. This will create the illusion that you have moved on. This will make your ex envious because you shared an intimate relationship together. In doing this, he or she will want to get back together with you in no time.

3rdStep- If you by some chance run into each other, you must play the cool game. Playing the cool game means that you do your best not to act desperate by hogging their personal space and asking them back. This will not work in your favor. A simple conversation to catch up is all that you need. After the conversation, you must have the willpower to excuse yourself properly and go about on your way.

4thStep- Impress your ex by changing any bad habits that you developed in the relationship. If you were being too content with the relationship and you were not going on trips as a couple, it is a good way to earn back their interest by telling your ex that you have been on out of town trips. They will wonder why you changed and would eventually want to experience this changed side of you. You must also be yourself when you first met. This will remind your ex about why they fell in love with you in the first place. You must always remember that change is a good thing.

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5thStep- Avoid going to the same places that you know your ex will be in. Absence makes the hearts fonder, which you will need to do in order for your ex to miss you. You will be hearing from friends that your ex asked about how you are doing. This is a good sign as your ex still thinks about you.

6thStep- You must upgrade your looks by enrolling at a gym and constantly going to it. When the time comes that you and your ex run into each other, he or she will notice the change in your body. The natural tendency is for lust kick in as both of you shared intimate moments together. He or she will wonder how you presently look naked. This will make your ex want you back.

7thStep- Getting popular with your ex’s friends and family is a great way of making your ex want you back. When you get popular with friends and family, they will constantly talk about you. Some may even ask your ex why he or she broke up with you. They may even mention that the break up was a mistake because they consider you as a catch. This will get your ex thinking about this and eventually believing that you are indeed a catch and breaking up with you was a big mistake.

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