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College Girls Hairstyles

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If you take a quick look into different social media websites, you’ll notice that there are a lot of weird, funny and beautiful people all over the world. Though one of the few categories of people that really catches people’s eyes are college girls. We mean this in the best possible way. Some of the best dressed and beautiful girls that are taking social media by storm are college girls. They have their youth, unique sense of style, on point eyebrows, chic makeup and of course the hair! Some of the best and the biggest trends in fashion is inspired by a college girl that wasn’t given proper credit for.

College is the time in a woman’s life where they are able to mold who they are. From their hobbies, personality and sense of style. One of the best hairstyles has come from college girls. If you’re about to enter college and planning to make a tiny change, why not look through this list of the most popular college girl hairstyles? Check them out below!

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Fringed Bob

Also known as the bob that Taylor Swift is sporting. This eccentric bob has been taking the college campuses by storm. This fresh take to the classic blunt bob cut is stylish and easy to manage. It can fit naturally curly and straight hair. You can style it with your blow dryer or curling iron. This hairstyle is great for oval face and heart face shapes. You can apply mousse in the morning and ruffle up your hairstyle with a blower to give you that messy and chic style.

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Sleek Blunt

This is the clean and sleek version of the popular blunt bob this hairdo is a stylish and professional hairstyle to rock in college. You can turn this from professional to party with a little help from your curling iron. To get this hairstyle just right, you have to have a great flat iron. The key to using your flat iron to give it that sleek appearance is to take thin sections. Take hale an inch section and start at the roots using quick motions to avoid burning the scalp. Once you get the roots done, start with the hair shaft and use a slow but steady motion towards the end of your hair. When flat ironing your hair, raise your hair to the angle of your hair flow to avoid getting limp and lifeless hair.

Blonde Waves

We’ve been seeing this hairstyle in different campuses all over the country. This hairstyle gives you that carefree and beach-y appearance. This blonde waves look great on hair color with low and highlights to give it better definition. Waves are also ideal for haircuts with lots of layers to give it that volume and movement. This hairstyle is easy to wear and maintain. It can fit everyday classes and for partying at night. You can create this weaves using braiding techniques before you sleep, use curlers or a waving tool.

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The All Natural

The surge of the all-natural hairstyle has been taking social media by storm. Saying goodbye to weave and chemical processing. This new surge has allowed us to embrace our natural hair and use this time to style our hair the way we want it. From using traditional protective techniques or just leaving it as is! This is also the time where cultural appropriation of hairstyle is important. People should be able to embrace their cultures hair style without being deemed different or unprofessional. So, let’s take this time to embrace what comes natural!

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The Chic Ponytail

One of the most prominent hairstyle you’ll see and college campuses. This hairstyle is chic and easy and can be done in just a few seconds. You can create a messy high ponytail, low and sleek ponytail or the ruffled ponytail. You can add more drama to your hairstyle by adding your personality in it, like adding accessories or curling your hair. This versatile hairstyle can be used on unwashed hair, curly hair or silky straight hair.

So there you have it, these are the top college girl hairstyles you can try. If you want to try something new for college look through this list for inspiration or use this to inspire you create something new. Share with us your college day hair styles and tell us what you think about these hair trends.

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