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Unbelievable Beauty Uses of Birch Essential Oil

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Birch essential oil, just like what the name says, is volatile oil obtained via steam distillation from the wood of birch, a tree that’s commonly cultivated for decorative as well as medicinal purposes. Because the process of extracting it from its source can be quite complicated, birch essential oil is not as available abundantly as other essential oils.

Since it comes from the bark of a well-known tree, you would think that birch essential oil smells woody like cedarwood and frankincense essential oils. However, it actually possesses a minty fragrance. Because of the way it smells, birch essential oil blends very well with essential oils like jasmine, rosemary and sandalwood.

If you happen to know a supplier of high quality therapeutic grade birch essential oil plus your budget allows you to get a bottle of it, then you can consider yourself fortunate. This is especially true if you are one beauty-conscious person. It’s because of the fact that there’s a handful of really amazing beauty uses for birch essential oil!

Treats Acne and Others

Birch essential oil is an excellent all-natural remedy for acne because it possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. By the way, it’s not just acne that birch essential oil can deal with, but so many other skin problems such as ringworm, eczema and other types of infections.

Controls Excess Oils

A drop or two of birch essential oil to your favorite facial cleanser can help in putting an end to excess skin oils. That’s because it is capable of regulating the activity of your sebaceous glands. As a bonus, birch essential oil can cause large pores to shrink, allowing you to take lots of close ups without leaving you anxious.

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Maintains Beautiful Smile

It’s not just your pores that can be tightened by birch essential oil, but also your gums. This means that adding a few drops of this volatile oil to your favorite toothpaste or mouthwash can help in strengthening the gums, thus holding your pearly whites in place so much better so that you can flash them without worries.

Eliminates Unwanted Pounds

There are a couple of reasons why birch essential oil can promote a slimmer figure. First, it has mild diuretic properties, which means that it can help you drop some water weight. Second, it’s known to help detoxify the body. Toxins can cause inflammation, which is something that can contribute to weight gain or make it hard to lose weight.

Relieves Depression

Taking a whiff of birch essential oil can actually help lift your mood. Okay, this is not directly related to beauty, but of course having a sunny disposition can certainly help make you look more attractive — if you’re pouting all the time, you can expect for lots of fine lines and wrinkles to show up prematurely!

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION BEFORE YOU START USING IT: If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to dilute birch essential oil first. Also, don’t forget to perform a skin patch test beforehand. Pregnant as well as breastfeeding women are discouraged from using birch essential oil.

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