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4 Unheard Natural Beauty Tips

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You may have heard or read a lot of common beauty tips but here’s an interesting trivia. Below are some surprising tips that you may use, as a part of your beauty regime.

1. Make your lipstick last longer.
To apply your lip gloss easily and evenly, you can use you fingertips instead of applying it directly to your lips. Pat your lips with your fingertips that has lip gloss. Remember to apply your lipstick first then apply lip gloss, so your lipstick will last longer.

2. Scrub it with sugar.
Too much sugar may not be good for your body but sugar is known to be the best scrub to use on your skin. To use it as a scrub, just wash your face like you normally would and then use the white sugar as facial scrub. Sugar dilutes in water easily so this will not cause any irritation even if you have sensitive skin.

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3. Make your perfume last longer
To make your perfume last longer, apply a moisturizer on your skin before applying perfume. This is because perfumes are alcohol based and it evaporates quickly if you sprayed it on dry skin. A moisturizer will help to keep it longer.

4. Powder your lashes.
Adding powder on your lashes after applying mascara can help you to avoid mascara clumps.

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