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Matte Nail Ideas that You’ll Want to Wear

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Are you thinking of making your nails really pop? Using nail art to show off your personality can be a good place to start. Many are staying away from wearing matte nails because they think it has a dull finish, but you might be surprised to find that you can actually make your matte nails speak volumes with the right nail art. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your matte nails stand out, try these ideas out for a change.

Matte and chrome

Just because you are sporting matte nails, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add an extra shine to them. The combination of matte and chrome will make your nails shine. Start by painting your nails with your choice of matte nail polish. Once they dry, apply gold chrome strips on the edges of your nails only. You’ll find that the extra shine from the chrome will turn heads with every movement of your hands.

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Royal nails

Another matte nail art idea that you can try is showing off your inner royalty by painting your nails in deep purple or deep red while leaving one nail in each hand painted in nude. Add your crown design on the edges of the nude painted nails with black nail polish then add some sparkling jewels near the cuticle bed.

Fine points

If you are looking for something simple but striking matte nail art design for your nails, do the fine point design. You will need to paint your nails with orange matte nail polish and allow it to dry. Use a white nail polish to draw an inverted V starting from one edge of the cuticle bed towards the center of the nail then down to the other edge of the cuticle bed. Repeat with all the nails and allow to dry.

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Black on black

Can’t stop wearing black nails? Well, dress up your black matte nails with your regular black nail polish for that extra shine. To take this to a whole new level, cut some strips of gold to create a line between the matte and shiny nail polish for extra design.

Halo effect

Another great idea to try on your nails is the halo effect. Again, this is a combination of matte and chrome but with a different twist. You should start by painting your nails in periwinkle and allow them to dry. Cut some gold chrome foil in the shape of a half moon and attach them near the cuticle beds. You can change the size of the gold chrome foil as you see fit.

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Classy grey

If you are looking for a subtle look for your nails that you can wear any time you want, then go for the classic grey matte nail polish. This shade is somber enough to match with any outfit without you looking outdated. After all, you will never go wrong with this color even when you’re sporting matte nail polish.

Glitter talons

How about showing off your fierce side by drawing some glittering talons right on your matte painted nails? Choose your base matte nail polish, think darker shades to make the talons appear better, and let the polish to dry. Once they are dry, the next step would be to draw a triangle shape on your nails with the base near the cuticle bed and the pointy end near the middle of the nail. Use gold glitter nail polish to create the talon nail art on your fingers. Simple but striking so don’t hesitate to try it out.

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