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Eight Steps to a Healthier Body Image

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Feeling pretty sunken following a few additional kilos over the holidays? You’d always think to put pressure on your physical goals but it’s not just your figure that needs a transformation, it’s your mind. Observe these 8 steps to feel comfortable in your own skin and to get right with your health.

1. Think past your body – what else needs to change this season?

Give yourself time to construct better ideals for your wellbeing and overall health- not just weight. With all these areas listed, consider how much you need to improve on each area and where you see yourself with that goal in a few weeks, even half or a whole year. Paying attention to what needs to be bettered will boost you into losing weight more sufficiently.

• Your vitality levels – are you too low on energy?
• Your eating habits
• Your rest (quality and amount)
• Your very body (how it feels, quality, wellness, weight, old/new injuries and wellbeing issues)
• Balance in your life –would you say your life is overall balanced?
• Your perspective, daily outlook on life and daily mood
• Stress and anxiety levels, outbursts
• Any ongoing worries, frustrations and dissatisfactions
• Your general sentiments about yourself and your life

All in all, what amount of progress would you like to set aside a few minute? Is it sensible? Don’t forget you have a preoccupied lifestyle and we mustn’t overdo and apply to much pressure on ourselves because hast makes waste. We got to be realistic and can’t fix everything in one go, no over commitment- just prioritize your focus on urgent areas.

2. Understanding the process of change

Early on, let your mind launch itself into full focus so that the process of change is given a higher chance of success. Don’t let past failures get to you, now is always the time. Keep these pieces of advice in mind to help stick to your goals:

Don’t settle for the full workout or none at all. You can’t afford to have only these two choices for we lead a busy and/or distraction-filled life and if it’s between all and nothing, nothing may came more than all. Break your solid idea of a workout plan a bit to adjust, still better than zero activity.

Also don’t expect immediate results right away, it’s gradual but sure; especially at first. You will have to opt for a sustainable workout routine so your body becomes fit and stays fit.

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It won’t be easy so don’t dwell on what you can’t fully achieve at first, a strong ship did not just go through smooth sailing. After all the massive bumps ahead it will all be worth it, just don’t stop!

3. Treat yourself well

Think for a moment, if you talked to others the way you spoke to yourself would you find your dearest friends and loved ones still entertaining your company? Maybe not as much. Have you asked yourself why it seems okay for you to talk down on yourself? Being overly self-critical of one’s own intellect, painfully being unable to accept compliments and nitpicking at every perceived error. Your thoughts don’t have to define you, you have the choice to change them. Now ask yourself, is the manner in which you perceive and speak to yourself the best way to help accomplish your goals?

We all dream of a place wherein we love ourselves in and out wholly, but we should begin with self-respect. Think you don’t deserve respect? You do as we all do. You just have to accept that you are worthy, capable of change and enough to deserve to exist. If you don’t possess self- respect, how can others give respect to you? Self- respect is the fundament of loving and believing in oneself.

Take note:
• Show kindness to yourself. Don’t over praise though, nothing too over-the-top. Just be nice to yourself. Tell yourself the same things you’d say to someone you truly care about.

4. Treat your body well

You’ll only own one body for the rest of your life and how you treat it is definitely something to contemplate on. Accept that it is a life-long relationship that you must improve on when given the chance. Ask yourself, does this body feel good about how I am currently treating it? Would my body leave me for a more caring, healthful person if it had the choice?

Don’t succumb to falling into the loop of obsessing on all your flaws, staring critically into mirrors only to make yourself feel worse. Cheer up and ponder at the miraculous feats your body pulls off. The energy to give your life, lift you, move you, allow you to consume and digest food and spark vision in your eyes to read this article. Our bodily systems function like so every day, do you remember to be grateful for it?

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It won’t be wrong if you honestly said you don’t totally love your body right now. But in this life-long bond you have to treat it with respect first of all. Remember, if you love your body it will love you back and you must start with respecting it.

And your body doesn’t have to change for you to already respect it. It’s already amazing with what it can do and what you’re about to do.

Take note:
• When a negative thought pops up, counter it with a positive one(or two!).
• Think about the changes you want to make and how you can find a method that works safe for your body in order to truly respect it.
• Ask yourself if you could take care of your body better, the only body you’ll ever have.

5. Step up your mobility!

Now that you’re getting your mental state calmed and sorted it’s time to physically push ourselves and get active to function properly and release our feel-good hormones.

Low intensity activities such as stretching and walking are required daily. Being seated for too long hours is highly not recommended as well. Once a week we also need a high-intensity activity to get us pumping like cardio to keep our hearts strong and fit. Your body gives right away by providing even more energy, strength and the feeling of happiness.

Don’t forget, everyone has an adjustment period in the beginning. Work hard but don’t force anything under poor calculation, patience. Start slow and build your way up. Build a regimen that consists of exercises you love doing so it doesn’t feel like a drag. You can even get help from a friend or a trainer if you think you need that extra push.
Make time to get active, if you can make time for other extracurricular activities a workout could be snuck in.

6. Get your body the nutrients it needs from healthy, fresh food

Our bodies are something to wonder about, and imagine all the parts it’s made of coming and working harmoniously together: our blood flowing our veins, skin, hair and nails protecting us, our internal organs. All these parts absorb and are made up of what we eat, therefore nourishment and what we choose to eat mainly defines our health.

We don’t have to be completely detail-oriented health nuts, we just need a healthy relationship with food.

Food beautifies the best, from the inside out. You can make it a beautiful part of your life enjoyed alone and shared. The body responds so well to fresh, whole foods raised well with respect and minimized or no chemical process. Your body loves homemade food. There’s no cookie cutter way to eat right but it helps to start off by listening to what your body needs.

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Eat only when necessary, ask yourself if you just want to grab a bite from an emotional response. Make good food choices, think if that extra slice of cake will make you feel good later.

Eat at a slower pace and take time to make yourself feel good and enjoy what’s on the plate. Stop before you get full. After a meal or snack analyze right away how your body feels to check if your choices are favorable. Do you feel too full or bloated from too much carbs, sickly from oiliness? Reflect.

7. You’re not a machine, rest when needed

It’s usually difficult to get a full night’s rest while trying to keep up with the modern pace. It’s not fully possible plus we really need to recharge every day. Lacking sleep leads to a lackluster life wherein moments that should be happy or not too challenging are filled with stress and confusion. Never abuse your body, our systems recover the most when we are asleep, seep is repair time. If we ache from too much activity we have to calm down. Rest every day, it will do wonders for your mind and body.

8. Have fun and choose to love your body

Self-improvement is a lifelong commitment and one must enjoy and be mindful of the foods they are taking and preparing. You also have to enjoy other things in life like making yourself look forward to physical activities yet enjoying some indulgences yourself. How could you fully enjoy a life ruled by deprivation? Being happy is a huge key factor in health. Breathe, in and out deeply, appreciate the life you hold that is you kept in your wonderful body.

Befriend your body because it will always fight to survive for you. Your body is extraordinary and you are a worthy being, don’t think any less and don’t pressure yourself needlessly for someone else’s vision. Change for you, because you want to. Get into the mindset of making yourself happy. Make small decisions made every day to love your body over dreading on it.

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