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Top 5 Signs to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

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Are you aware of the signs of a healthy hair? A strong and healthy hair is vibrant and shiny.

There are ways to tell if your hair is healthy. But the signs mentioned below will help you determine if your hair is in top condition or you need to do something about it. Luke going to your hairdresser perhaps?

1. Soft and Shiny

Of course a healthy hair is smooth and shiny to touch. This is a sign that your hair has minimal damage and is thoroughly moisturized.

2. Elastic

Another sign of a healthy hair is it is elastic in texture. Your hair should stretch like a rubber band would. To maintain your hair’s elasticity you should avoid using brushes if your hair is still wet.

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3. Full Head of Hair

A full head of hair is a good sign of a healthy hair. Regarding the breakage of hair it is most common at the end but can also happen in the hair shaft. Always remember that a healthy hair have minimal breakage.

4. Minimal Breakage

Small and broken pieces of hair is the opposite of minimal hair breakage. You can strengthen your hair using Organic Hair Mayonnaise as a conditioner.

5. Normal Shedding

Normal hair shedding is estimated to be 100-200 hair strands a day. There’s no need to be worried if you see a handful of you hair shedding. But be worried if you are seeing a bald spot, excessive shedding or thinning.

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