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Surprising Reasons You Could Be Losing Your Hair

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Throughout history there has been certain importance to hair. In Egypt it was considered as a woman’s crowning glory and was an important aspect of ancient warriors in japan. Today, we still put importance in our hair, but mostly for aesthetic reasons. We make sure that our hair is healthy, perfectly colored and cut. It can be scary to experience hair loss without us knowing the reason why. Hair loss can happen to anyone of any gender, ethnicities and age. So, if you’ve been worried to see more of your hair strands on your pillow or brush, then check out these possible reasons for your hair loss.


We all know how much our body can change during pregnancy. This can be a tough time on the woman’s body. This affects almost all our bodily functions. This can make our skin easily irritated, urinate more than usual, cause back pain and of course hair loss. During our pregnancy, our body focuses on keeping the baby healthy. This can then cause you to lose the nutrition that you would normally have. This can lead to brittle nails, hair loss and dry skin. You can talk to your doctor about treatments you can take to reduce shedding or hair loss treatment you can take during or after pregnancy. You can reduce the chances of hair loss by taking prenatal vitamins regularly and boosting your immune system.


Having someone in your family that has had experience with baldness or hair loss is a reason for you to worry. There is a big chance that you can get this same problem. It is a natural condition that can skip a generation or can affect most family members. People that have genetic hair loss experience, mostly concentrated or localized hair loss, such as the top of the head or patches. Women often experience widespread hair loss and will experience thinning hair. However, you do not have to worry. Knowing early on that you have a family history of hair loss can help you become more prepared and avoid any hair damaging/loss habits. There are now treatments that can help treat bald patches and hair loss. This a procedure that is performed by injecting platelet rich plasma on the scalp. This will help with blood flow and promote hair growth.

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Hair Styling

If you are someone that constantly style your hair the same way or use heat styling tool, often this can lead to traction alopecia. If you sport the same ponytail or hairstyle every day, you could be pulling your hair with enough force or direction that can cause it to weaken leading to hair loss. This is often the cause of hair loss for people that use extensions or tight braids. The best way to reduce hair loss from this is by reducing the tension and changing the way you style your hair. If you prefer your hair being in a ponytail opt for your hair to be loose or at least wear it in a different style. People that experience this often stop styling their hair completely. This can actually worsen the situation. Not combing or washing your hair can further cause hair loss. The key is to keep the hair clean and healthy for it to become stronger.


Some people that recently experienced any type of trauma or shock experience hair loss. Recovering from losing someone or an accident can cause emotional distraught that can lead to hair loss. This has the same effect such as stress. Hair loss due to trauma is called Telegenic Effluvium. It can be triggered by different thing such as giving birth, car accident, major illness, heart attack, death of a relative and so on. This typically occurs two or three months after the trigger.


When sudden changes in the body occur – our initial suspect is our hormones. You can experience hairless due to changes in your hormone levels. You can experience hair loss in areas where you want them to grow and excessive hair growth in areas that aren’t ideal. This is often due to the sex steroid Dihydrotestosterone. This can cause the hair to grow thin and sprout in other areas such as the neck, chin and upper lip. Consult your doctor on the ideal supplement to take to counteract the sex steroid. Other hormonal problems such as thyroid problems can also cause hair loss.

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We lose hair every day, this is called hair shedding and happens due to the hair growth cycle. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. Counting it can be a bit impossible, but if are starting to notice more hair loss than usual, then check out if you have or committing some of these causes of hair loss. We hope that this list is able to help you get to the root of your hair loss and help you with tips on reducing it.

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