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How To Lose Weight As A Family

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We all want to get fit! We can work out as much as we need and eat healthy, but when our family is involved it’s a bit different. Your routine isn’t really applicable to your family members. You want to be healthy dad or fitness mom, yet you still feed sugary coated snacks to your kids. This is a huge problem nowadays. Especially in families that go through weight issues. You can fix weigh issues as a family. Eating healthier, exercising more and making the right health choices will greatly impact your children and improve their futures.

Losing weight individually can be difficult, but having your family along for the ride can make it a lot less stressful. Make your family happier and healthier with these tips.

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Grocery Shopping

Shopping together is a great way to educating your family about healthy food choices. Visiting the grocery store and explaining things such as food labels and nutritional values to your family can help teach them to be more careful of the foods they put in their system. Balance out your menus at home and get rid of unhealthy snack. A great way to help your family to lose weight is to allow them to shop on their own and giving them not so specific instructions such as finding a recipe that has ingredients that are high in fiber or picking fruit that are high in antioxidant.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Planning your meals ahead will prevent you from snacking on junk food or opting for fast food/ take out. If you really want to lose weight as a family, you need to start learning how to cook healthy meals. Include your family in this endeavor. Make them help you create this healthy meal and teach them how enjoyable cooking can be.

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Eat As a Family

The tradition of sitting on your dining room and eating with your family has seemed to be replaced with eating on the sofa in front of the TV. Eating while watching TV will increase your calorie intake, making you shovel down food unconsciously. Eating with your family and having a proper discussion can help you and your family is more aware of what you’re eating and can help you slow down form gobbling the meal.

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Portion Control

When serving meals for your family, follow portion control and not go buffet style. Remember the basic serving size, one cup of vegetable, half a cup of starch and three ounces of protein. Before serving your meals portion them. This will control your family’s intake and teach them how to control their appetites. Doing this will also save some space for dessert.

The Family That Exercise Together, Lose Weight Together

The words exercise can make your children run the other direction, so substituting it into activities that can help pump your heart without making your kids hate your, is the most ideal one. Go to dance classes, hiking, camping, going to the park and so on with your family. Create a weekly activity for your family.


Parents can deal with their health issues alone, but when it comes to your children it can be difficult. Consulting your pediatrician or doctor with your spouse, without your children can help you create the ideal plan for your family’s weigh loss journey.

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