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Tips on How to Effectively Manage Cracked Feet

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Cracked feet are a common disorder experienced by those who spend hours standing up. There are a few other reasons why our feet could be cracked. Knowing that there are no oil glands on that part of our body. This makes it naturally dry, so if you do not have the habit of moisturizing your feet, there’s a great chance that you’ll experience cracked feet. However, this does not make it bearable nor cosmetically pleasing to the eyes. There is a long list of how this reaction can be treated. Some can be done from your very own homes, while the others might require you to see a specialist, a dermatologist to be more exact. Before we go into how you can treat cracked feet, let us take a look at the causes of cracked feet and how they can be prevented.

Common causes of cracked feet.

– Growing up our parents have always chased us around and told us not to walk bare footed. If you were one of those who didn’t listen and is now suffering from cracked feet. Then you know the reason to your problem. Walking around barefoot is a major cause of cracked feet.

– Blood circulation problem, this could be another reason to this disorder. When there’s too much pressure on a certain part of our body it cuts the blood circulation to that part of the body. This could lead to a various complications and cracked feet is one of them.

– Standing too long is also a known cause. If you happen to have a job that requires you to be standing for the most part of your shift. There’s a great chance that you might suffer from cracked feet, or any other feet related problem.

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– When our body lacks certain vitamins and nutrients. It reacts. Usually in a negative way. When your feet is cracked, your body is basically sending you signals that you’re lacking some vitamins and some action should be taken towards it.

– One of the causes that is beyond our control is climate. Usually low humidity climates cause our skin to crack, it may be our lips and sometimes it is also our feet.

– Wearing the wrong footwear has been seen to be the reason for a lot of problems in regards to the feet. From calluses to bunions. Cracked feet can also be caused by the wrong footwear. Shoes with an open back can give you cracked feet. Also, if you happen to put on some weight and would still like to enjoy the heels you were wearing, there’s a great chance that is also going to crack your feet.

– There are also medical conditions that could cause cracked feet. If you are experiencing problems with your kidneys, or thyroid, then you might also have this disorder. Those diagnosed with down syndrome have also been linked to this. Another reason could be genetics, some of us are born with it.

These are just a few of the common reasons why one can experience cracked feet. Now, having that knowledge at the back of our heads, what can we do to treat it.

– Water can be used for a lot of things, and curing cracked feet is one of them. This is because cracked feet can also be caused from dehydration. Keeping yourself generally hydrated can help reduce the effects of cracked feet.

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– As mentioned earlier, wearing the wrong footwear is a major cause to this disorder, so changing your wardrobe might also help you.

– If you would want to go to the hospital to get an immediate treatment, podiatric treatment is the way to go. It is also the quickest method. These specialists will provide you with creams that will enable you to keep your skin healthy and they will also help you with removing the dead skin that already exists on said feet. If your feet are cracked to the point that you are already experiencing pain, then they can prescribe you with a rigid sports tape, which will enable you to strap the cracks together to prevent discomfort.

– Using lemon juice is one of the most effective home remedies for cracked foot. Soaking your feet in lemon juice on a weekly basis will allow the natural acids in the juice to help dissolve the dead and dry skin. Allowing it to fall off easily without any discomfort.

– Since cracked foot is caused by general dryness of the skin, then daily moisturizing and cleaning is advised. In this case consistency is key. You probably will not see the immediate effect, but once you keep it moisturized for weeks, you’ll notice that your skin starts to become smoother and fresher.

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