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Keep Seasonal Illnesses with these Natural Immune System Boosting Tips

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Seasonal illnesses like the cold and flu are the bane of
many people, particularly those who are either sensitive to weather changes, or whose immune systems are historically weaker when up against a new strain of biological intruders. This
is the reason why we need to invest practice activities and develop habits that boos immune system function.

However, why do we need to prop up our own immune system?

Our immune systems are, ideally, well-oiled biological defense systems that can protect us against both internal and external body issues. For example, our internal immune systems, which are composed of hunter, tagging, and alerting cells, can make short work of any incipient infection, as long as there has been
enough time for the hunter cells – the T-cells – to gather and kill the biological agents. Another function of our immune system is to keep free radicals in control.Free radicals are particles in our body that are missing electrons. Because of this, they are inherently unstable, and they can destabilize other cells, too. If
these disruptions happen often enough, they can then disrupt larger functions, which can lead to various kinds of sicknesses.
Our external immune defenses, however, are much different. Our skin and digestive systems are the best example of external defenses (as well as being the only ones, practically). Our skin prevents biological agents from crossing over to our internal workings, while our digestive systems deal with unwanted
biological agents by having whole communities of beneficial bacteria guard the alimentary canal.
Yet with all these special defenses, why do we usually fall prey to the seasonal illness?

Weather blues

Seasonal illnesses affect us so, because of two major reasons:

1) The first reason is that the change in weather affects our bodies. It’s possible that the temperature, humidity, and even day-to-night ratio affect the bodies in such a way that undue stress happens, and this can cascade into the following: elevated levels of free radicals, lowered production of immune system cellular components, and sluggish immune system reaction time. When all these are happening to the body, it’s no surprise if even a weakened flu bug can take advantage of our out-of-whack systems.
2) The second reason why we seem to be mostly powerless against the seasonal bugs is that these bacteria or viruses evolve over time, and it’s highly possible that as one year passes, there are new strains that will come out, and our immune systems may not have the proper markers or t-cells to knock these new-
edition biological agents out.
It’s bad enough if you experience one of these situations, but if you have both a lowered resistance, and a new flu or cold bug to contend with, then you are in trouble with the seasonal sickness of the year.

Natural Immune Support Boosters- An Introduction

The following are ways that can help you keep your immune system’s strength up during seasonal changes.
1) Be mentally prepared for the change in weather. If, for example, the season is shifting to a colder time, then you should make sure that you have proper clothing, so you won’t be exposed to lowered temperatures that can affect your immune system. At the same time, you should also get as much rest as you can at night, so that your body has ample time to repair it
self and boost the production of immune system components.
2) Do remember to eat properly. A balanced diet will not only give you all the right levels of nutrients for your body to keep your immune system running smoothly, it will also give your body a more regular source of energy and nutrients, which will be important if your body is affected by the seasonal change.
3) Manage your stress more attentively. Environmental changes can and will affect your mood, and if this becomes a negative stress factor, then your immune system will be affected as well. Try to keep at least an even mood until your body
adjusts to the season.
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