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10 Winter/ Cold Night Care Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For

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Dull, dry and flaky skin are common things you might experienced during winter. Fortunately there are ways to keep your skin and hair in a healthy state during this cold weather.

Read on below to find out some of these tips:

1. Skin Care

  • Sunscreen

Summer is not the only time you need to use sunscreen. Experts advise that you should use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above and with at least a PA++ rating, to protect from the sun’s rays which reduces your skin’s moisture causing it to get dry.

    • Facial Wash

During the dry weather you should avoid using foaming wash which worsen dry skin because of the presence of sulphate detergents. Try instead a facial wash with gentle creams and oils with soothing properties.

    • Moisturizer
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Switch to a moisturizing cream that will make your skin feel supple and moist during the winter days. Ditch your summer lotion and gels for the meantime.

2. Balanced Diet

Remember to eat a diet full of nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin and hair in a healthy condition. Also keep yourself hydrated.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise increases the blood flow to the skin which reduces your stress and allows for nutrients to be delivered.

4. Alcoholic Drinks

Limit your alcohol intake because alcohol can dehydrate your skin. Excessive alcohol consumption can make your skin look dry and puffy.

5. Keep Warm

Keep the temperature inside your home warm but not hotter than the temperature outside, as this can irritate your skin and even cause broken capillaries from the temperature shock when you go outside. Remember to use socks and slippers to keep you warm.

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This also applies when you are taking a hot bath or shower. Always remember to turn the temperature down from hot to warm.

6. Hair Care

During winter your hair goes weak, dry and brittle. So switch to a shampoo and conditioner with more moisturizer but is still good for your hair type. You may also try a hair moisturizing treatment to repair the effects of winter.

7. Lip Care

In winter, your lips tend to get extremely dry. You can apply a lip balm that is available in your local stores or make one at home, using petroleum jelly, honey and lemon.

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8. Wrap Up

Protect your skin and hands by wearing a pair of gloves and a hat to help protect your hair from drying out. Also wear a scarf if possible to protect the skin on your neck and chest. Winter tends to make our skin dry and flaky, so always remember to wrap up!

9. Face Mask

Add more glow to your face by trying a night face mask. Before going to sleep, mix a few drops of glycerine, castor oil, rose water and a tbsp. of milk cream. Apply this on your face, hands and even the neck if you want. Leave it overnight to dry and then wash off with cold water first thing in the morning.

10. Hand Cream

Always remember to apply a hand cream daily to keep your skin soft, thus avoiding flaky and dry skin. Apply hand moisturizer to your hands twice, in the morning and evening if possible. Also apply hand cream every time you wash your hands.

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