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2017 Makeup Trends You Need to Try

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Women just can’t get enough of wearing makeup. This has always been part of their daily ablutions and you won’t find a woman leaving her home without wearing any hint of color on their face. Every year, there are new makeup trends that are cropping up and we just can’t wait to try them on for a change. After all, you have to be in when it comes to makeup, right? This year is not any different as there are some amazing trends that have been introduced. Here are some that are worth mentioning.

Concentrated pigment drops. One of the trends that are quite popular nowadays is the use of concentrated pigment drops. This makeup product is actually designed to add shade or color to your moisturizers, serums, and even sunscreens when you apply them on your skin. You can add a drop of this concentrated makeup on your makeup or skin product for sheer coverage or, if you want a fuller coverage, add more drops until you get the best results. You can also apply it directly on your skin for a more intense look.

Colorful eye makeup. Why stick with the usual somber colors for your eyeshadow when you can show off your fun and funky side with colorful eyeshadows and eyeliners? You’ve probably seen color eyeshadows sported in many fashion shows already so why not try them out for size? There are different color combinations to try out but this one works better if you choose your own colors. Apply them just as you would your regular eye shadow and eyeliner.

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Tune up your skin. Taking selfies or photos of ourselves can show us what we dread the most, which is seeing blemishes on our skin. Good thing there are apps that can help hide these blemishes easily but should you rely on these apps alone? Of course not! Fine tuning your skin to make it selfie worthy is possible by choosing the right makeup products. Start with a primer that can help cover up any blemishes on your skin and follow this up with a liquid foundation that can help smoothen your skin up. A setting powder will seal in the deal, giving you that perfect glow for an impressive photo.

Graphic eyes and statement liners. Classic eyeliners are so yesterday. What’s in nowadays are those statement liners and graphic eyes that can make heads turn fast. Think winged ends, fun designs, thick lines, and even sharp edges when applying your eyeliner or eye shadow. This year, graphic eyes in black are definitely in and are considered as one of the hottest trends for 2017. If you are thinking of making your eyes talk more, then go graphic.

Charcoal detox. Detoxing has always been promoted to achieve fairer and healthier looking skin. And one of these detox products that are flying off the shelves are those that contain charcoal as one of their main ingredients. Charcoal is known to draw out any impurities that might be stuck in the creases and cracks of your skin. There are different makeup products that use this ingredient so look for one that will fit your needs.

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Radiant complexion. How radiant your complexion is another makeup trend that you should consider. Radiant complexion can be achieved using several makeup products from primer, foundation, concealer, all the way to adding color to your skin. Of course, if you want to maintain that beautiful complexion of yours, go and make changes to your diet as this can help you achieve that smooth and gorgeous looking skin in no time.

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