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How to Use Your Makeup Brushes the Easy Way

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It can be a scary experience to go inside a makeup or beauty store and pick out the right makeup brush for you. There is such a wide array of makeup brushes that finding the ideal one for you can seem hopeless. Even the most proficient beauty enthusiast has problems with picking out an understanding what each brush is made for.

We all have that one makeup brush that we barely use since we have no idea what it is for. Thankfully, the makers of these makeup brushes were able to explain to us what each makeup brush is for and how to properly use them.

There are an assorted brushes for your eyebrows, eyes and face. Makeup tools are important to get the most accurate results for your look. A powder brush is one of the most important tools to have in your makeup kit. It can help finish your look and is multi-purpose.

Besides the basic brushes you need, there are also other tools you can use. There are blending brushes, sponges, smudge brushes, contouring brushes and so on. Eye brushes are some of the most confusing brushes in the bunch. There are so many tiny brushes to use that it can get confusing. Well, worry no more, below is a quick guide on each brush and how to use them properly.

Eyeshadow Brushes

There are multiple types of eyeshadow brushes. There are small ones, large ones, angles ones, pointed ones and so on. These types of eyeshadow brushes are usually designed for one purpose alone. Though, you can use it for different purposes if you use your imagination.

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Big and Small Flat Eyeshadow

Big flat brushes are used to fill a large portion of your eyelid. You can use this to fill in your entire eyelid and brow bone area. The small flat brush is made to fill in the eyelid area below the crease. When using this eyeshadow brush, tap it onto the skin not glide it. This will control the amount of product you place on your eyes. Using this method when picking up the product will prevent it from taking in too much eye shadow.

Angles Eyeshadow Brush

You can use this brush to add contour on your eyelids. This brush can be used to create the cat’s eye look and applying eyeshadow near the lash line. This brush was made to create a more accurate line.

Thin Small Brush

This brush is created with a pointed tip for applying in the crease area. You can use this to blend out your eye shadows and crease. You can also use this to apply in your brow bone area and tear drop.

Blending Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is made to have somewhat of a dome shape. This was made specifically to blend eyeshadows. Use this using a soft back and forth motion for the crease and tiny circular motion in the rest of the eyelid.

Mascara Brush

The brush that has the tip of a mascara brush is used to remove excess mascara from your eyelashes and help shape them. You can also use this brush to groom your eyebrows. Use it to brush your eyebrows properly or use it to apply clear mascara on them to keep them intact.

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Fan Brush

This brush is one of the makeup tools that is often forgotten, but it is one of the most multipurpose in the bunch. It can be used to blend, clean up excess powder or eye shadow, contour or highlight and apply blush. This a great tool to use since it doesn’t take up too much product and can apply it more evenly. You can use this brush to clean off the excess eyeshadow powder in your cheeks or remove the cakey appearance on your face.

Brow Brush

The brow brush is an angled brush that can draw and fill in your eyebrows. Apply eyebrow cream or powder on the brush evenly and start to draw from the middle bottom to the ends of the eyebrows and fill it in.

Lip Brush

Your lip brush was made to help you apply lipstick more precisely. Use it to help line and fill in your lips or use it to help shape your lips.

Kabuki Brush

This brush is usually used to apply mineral base powders and help buff the powder in your skin.

You don’t have to mix up your brushes anymore! Though, there are a dozen or even more type of brushes that are not on this list. We hope that this easy makeup brush guide will be able to help you determine them and use them more effortlessly.

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