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Shower Mistakes That Affect the Skin

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Showering is something we do a few times a week and to some people every day. It is hygienic to cleanse yourself, but all that rinsing, exfoliating, soaping and lathering can be doing damage to your skin. You might not think much of it since showering does make our skin feel soft and light, but it can be causing you to be more prone to skin irritation and dry skin. Prolonged shower mistakes can lead to pre-mature aging, irritation and even eczema. As you get older and the longer you commit these mistakes, you can cause lasting damage on the skin. You have to learn to adjust your bathing habits to your age, skin type and reducing these common shower mistakes. To help you avoid them, here are some of the moist common showering mistakes that can affect your skin.

Showering or Bathing for Way Too Long

It can be tempting to stay longer in the shower than the recommended 10 minutes. Hey, we all do it. We tend to lose focus when we shower and spend almost half the time contemplating on something. However, this downtime can be damaging to your skin – more so if you prefer your showers warm. The shorter your showers are the better. The longer your skin is exposed to showers the more moisture you strip off your skin.

Using Harsh Soaps

We are prone to using harsh antibacterial and deodorant soaps. We are also attracted to soaps that contain harsh fragrances that can be damaging to our skin. These types of products can strip a lot of moisture from your skin. Antibacterial soaps can be a bit too harsh on the skin, leaving it to be dry, flaky and itchy. Dermatologist suggests using antibacterial soap every few days only and use gentle cleansers for every day. Moisturizing washes and anti-aging soaps are best to keep skin moisturized and smooth. When shopping for soaps avoids ones that contain synthetic colors, harsh fragrances, parabens and formaldehyde. All of these can trigger skin irritation and extreme dryness. This goes the same for your shampoo. Ones that have harsh chemicals can get on your skin and cause dryness.

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Hot Shower on Blast

A steaming hot shower at the end of the day can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. It can help ease sore muscles and relax the body. However, the extreme heat of the water can be bad for your skin. The temperature not only strip away most of the natural oils on your skin, it also puts your blood circulation on hyper drive. Making you more prone to inflammation and redness. This can lead to itching and rash. When trying to soothe sore muscles, stick to heating pads. Your showers should be lukewarm colder if you are prone to skin irritation and dryness. Prolonged time under a hot shower can also cause sensitivity to the skin, making you prone to blemishes and breakouts.

Soaping All Over

No one really told us about this information, but we were never really supposed to use soap on our whole body. Only areas that are prone to dirt and oil can be washed with soap. The skin on our arms and legs do not acquire a lot of oil and dirt – it can be easily washed with water alone. Soaping these areas can make it prone to dryness and flaking. Areas such as the armpit, buttocks, groin, face, and feet are areas that should be washed with soap. Avoid soaping areas that are prone to dryness. If you do work in an environment that cause your skin to acquire a lot of dirt and oil, then you are an exception to this rule.

Not Cleaning Your Tools

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Your loofah, razor, toothbrush, pumice stone and so one should be cleansed and replaced regularly. These tools can easily accumulate dirt and bacteria from your skin. It is also the perfect breeding ground for germs. Rinse out your tools regularly with scalding water and place it in dry areas. Make sure to replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months and anything you use on your skin every 4 to 6 months. Razors are the most important item to replace. It can nick you and cause bacteria and germs to infest the wound. A clean and sharp razor is important. Replace your razor every week if possible.

These are a few shower mistakes that can affect your skin. Avoid these mistakes to maintain healthy and smooth skin. Other things you can take note is to replace your razors, loofahs and toothbrush every few months. These items can accumulate dirt and bacteria that can lead to serious skin infection or irritation. Always wear slippers when using public shower rooms. Athletes foot and warts can be easily contracted in these areas.

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