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Health Benefits of Velvet Beans

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Velvet beans are cultivated for a variety of reasons — for ornamentation, grazing and human consumption. They are also employed in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of various ailments, ranging from impotence, snake bites to cancer. Sometimes known as “cowhage”, these tropical legumes are native to India, Africa and Southern USA.

Let’s start discussing the health benefits of velvet beans right away as there are plenty of them!

They Help Control Blood Sugar

Diabetics and pre-diabetics alike can benefit tremendously from the inclusion of velvet beans in their diets regularly. It’s because these legumes slowly release sugar in the bloodstream, causing its levels from spiking. Anyone who has diabetes or is at risk of it should keep high blood sugar levels in check to prevent complications.

They Assist in Weight Loss

Another reason why the consumption of velvet beans is great for diabetics and pre-diabetics is it helps eliminate excess pounds. Losing weight is actually one of the best ways to have diabetes managed or avoided. Because they are fiber-rich, velvet beans are so filling that overeating or hunger pangs can be avoided.

They Speed Up the Metabolism

One of the most abundant nutrients in velvet beans is protein, which is something that helps build muscles. Those who wish to lose weight more effectively should build more muscles because muscles tend to use lots of calories. This is true even if the person is sleeping. Also, protein requires lots of calories just to be properly digested.

They Lower Parkinson’s Disease Risk

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According to scientists, velvet beans have amazing antioxidant properties, saving certain types of brain cells from becoming damaged. It’s exactly for this reason why the addition of these exotic legumes in the diet can be very helpful in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease, a progressive brain disease that affects a person’s movement.

They Help With Mood and Sleep

Velvet beans, based on studies, are capable of balancing chemicals in the brain. It’s exactly for this reason why the intake of these legumes regularly can help ward off depression and anxiety. Adding velvet beans in your diet on a regular basis is also beneficial if you often suffer from insomnia as they can also help regulate sleep cycle.

They Also Help Put Stress Under Control

Scientists say that velvet beans are also very good at reducing stress — mental and physical alike. The importance of keeping one’s stress levels to a minimum is no secret because, if left uncontrolled, it’s something that can lead to various problems which concern not only your mental functioning, but also your health in general.

They Boost Sexual Health

For so many years now, most especially in Ayurvedic medicine, velvet beans are employed for increasing sexual desire or libido. Also, they are said to be very good at increasing sperm count. So in other words, the intake of velvet beans on a regular basis can help increase a male’s fertility.

They Keep Constipation at Bay

Velvet beans, just like any other legumes on the planet, are excellent sources of fiber. It’s exactly why their addition to the diet on a regular basis can help promote regular movement of the bowels. By the way, fiber also encourages the proliferation of good bacteria in the gut, resulting in better digestion and stronger immune system.

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By the way, it’s of utmost importance for you to first soak velvet beans in water for several hours or even up to a couple of days before cooking. That’s because they are covered with alkaloids that can be poisonous to humans. It’s also a good idea to change water for a few times while you are boiling velvet beans for your safety.

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