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What Are Some Subtle Relationship “Red Flags” That Are Often Overlooked?

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Almost everyone out there wants to be in a functioning, happy, and satisfying relationship. But most often than not, with many individuals just striving so hard to find and retain a relationship, they just end up making things worse. This raises the question: ‘ what are some subtle relationship red flags that are often overlooked?’

So for those who are in the dating scene or who just started a relationship, it is important that you know the most common (yet subtle) relationship red flags that you should not overlook. If the person you are dating or the one you are in a relationship with has the following characteristics or qualities, it may be a good idea for you to reevaluate things before it is too late.

1. Has the habit of not apologizing for doing something wrong

2. Is too dependent on you for entertainment or simply put, just to feel and be happy

3. Always puts you on a guilt trip whenever you do something that he/she is not a part of

4.Has friends that you really will not be able to get comfortable with (for good reason)

5. Makes it apparent that he or she does not like you spending time with your family, good friends, or colleagues

6. Has the tendency to bring up his or her ex in almost all of your conversations, especially when the two of you are sharing a ‘ moment’ (this just means that he/she is still hung up on the ex)

7. Just ended a relationship recently and started dating you soon after (once you end up things with him/her, chances are, he/she will find someone else in just a matter of days or weeks)

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8. Says things that make it seem as if there is a minimum amount of time that you should spend with him/her

9. Wants you to keep things just between the two of you (if your relationship needs to be a secret, then it is highly likely that something wrong is going on)

10. Tells you that what you believe is wrong and that you should follow his or her own beliefs, and if you don’ t he/she gets mad

11.Does not have any other interests and hobbies (and does not want to find one), because this is a sign that he or she is clingy or is very jealous

12. Comes up with rules and regulations such as the time that you need to come home, the people that you should hang out with, the kind of clothesthat you should wear, or the way that you wear your hair

13. Treats his or her parents in a really bad way, even if you know that they are nice and good people

14. Makes you unhappy, sad, annoyed, and frustrated (among many other negative emotions) more often than making you feel great

15. Is not liked or loved by people you are close with and treasure the most, like your parents, siblings, other family members, and close friends

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