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How To Conceive Twins: A Rarity To Achieve

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Many couples are wondering how to conceive twins. This is because when it comes to pregnancy, this is perhaps one of the hardest things to achieve for majority of couples.

Although many believe that having twins, triplets, or more is believed by many to be fate, there are some parents that insist there are contributory factors that increased their chances of having twins. When it comes to how to conceive twins, many of the notions have been scientifically proven but, majority still remains rooted in tradition and derived from personal experiences.

For married couples wishing to have a large family, the question of how to conceive twins becomes extremely important. The rarity of having twins is highlighted by the fact that only 1 in every 89 naturally occurring births are twins.

When considering how to conceive twins it is important to keep in mind that under natural circumstances the chances can be extremely slim. Although research methods suggest that fertility medications and IVF procedure can increase the chances of conceiving twins there are some natural methods worth trying.

Distinguishing Twins

Resolving how to conceive twins initially requires understanding the concept of twins. Basically, in the simplest terms, twins refer to two babies that are produced under a single pregnancy. In general twins can fall into any of two categories:

1. Identical twins – only one fertilized egg is used to produce this type of twins. The egg is split to two separate embryos after its conception. These babies look the same that is why they are called identical. Some personality traits can also be the same as well as the gender. This is the rarer type with the reasons for its occurrence remaining slightly a mystery.

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2. Fraternal twins –two eggs are used to form this type of twins. The eggs are fertilized the same time to create two embryos. The gender may differ at times with some features and appearances more distinguishable. Usually fraternal twins happen more frequently at the maternal side of the family that means that if your mother had fraternal twins there is a greater possibility that you will conceive twins of your own.

How Long Does It Take to Conceive Twins?

In the context of how to conceive twins, the specific time frame of conceiving twins hasn’t been accurately pinpointed by science yet. However, taking into consideration couples that have successfully conceived twins, some commonalities have been established.

Keep in mind that these are generalities and may or may not apply to your particular condition. Commonalities on how to conceive twins include:

  • Women usually conceive between 30 to 40 years old with majority happening after 35 years old
  • Slight overweight or being taller than average
  • Twins seldom appear during first pregnancies
  • Have the ability to hyper ovulate or produce more than a single egg during the ovulation period for the month

Increasing Your Chances to Conceive Twins

Basically, when considering how to conceive twins the main factor that you need to focus on is hyper ovulating. In all likelihood, the greater the ability to produce more eggs during ovulation the higher the success rate of conceiving twins.

It is important to note that some women can do this consistently on a monthly basis while others can only do this once in their lifetime which most consider as a fluke in the context of how to conceive twins.

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Undoubtedly, a history of twins in the family also increases your chances of conceiving twins. Keep in mind that fraternal twins are easier to duplicate in succeeding generations compared to identical twins.

One of the reasons for the history of conceiving twins is attributed to genetic components that can be responsible for producing multiple eggs during ovulation. In general the ability to conceive fraternal twins is hereditary while identical twins are not attributed to genes. However, factors like age and ethnicity can also increase your chances of conceiving twins.

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Essentially, in the context of how to conceive twins, African American women are known to have a greater chance to conceive twins compared to Caucasian women while Asian women have the least likely chance to have twins. Research also shows that how to conceive twins becomes easier for older women.

Twins: How to Conceive a Girl

It is important to note that available gender selection methods cannot guarantee couples of a definite gender of the baby. What these methods do however is to increase the chances to conceive the gender you prefer. In the context of how to conceive twins, the concern of how to conceive a girl can be possible through:

1. Timing –Preferably 3 to 4 days before the ovulation cycle is the ideal time to have intercourse. The reason behind this is that the sperm carries the X chromosome stronger during this stage increasing the chances for a baby girl.

2. Positioning – the missionary position increases the chances for a baby girl because the penetration is shallow resulting in highly acidic climate making it ideal for the X chromosome to survive.

3. Right food – in the context of how to conceive twins, a highly acidic body environment, which means that you need to consume acidic foods, increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl.

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4. Traditional methods – using Chinese conception calendar or astrology in determining the best time to have intercourse to conceive a baby girl.

Twins: How to Conceive a Boy

Much like in attempting to conceive a baby girl, how to conceive a boy in the context of how to conceive twins cannot be accurately done. Majority of the suggestions are intended merely to increase the chances based mostly on scientifically proven facts. How to conceive a boy requires:

1. Scheduling intercourse when the egg is ready. The Y chromosome needed to conceive a boy swims faster but also burns off easier. Having intercourse when the egg is ready allows the Y chromosome to effectively penetrate the egg to conceive a baby boy.

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2.Deep penetration is important during intercourse that means that rear entry is usually preferred to increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy. Varying the missionary position by making the woman place her knees on the shoulder of her partner or hugs them also achieves deep penetration.

3. Transform the acidic vaginal environment into an alkaline one with the right diet. The Y chromosome needed to conceive a boy only survives in alkaline vaginal environment.

Sometimes couples get caught up in their desire to conceive twins, have a baby boy or a baby girl that they forget more important things like healthy pregnancy. In the context of how to conceive twins or any other conception, it is more important to ensure that the baby will develop correctly through healthy pregnancy. Trying out these methods though may help you in your quest on how to conceive twins.

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