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Surprising Causes of Acid Reflux

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Dairy, chocolates, greasy food, spicy stuff, citrus fruits, processed baked treats, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages — anyone who is suffering from acid reflux knows that these are definitely off limits.

So why is it that you are still being bugged by acid reflux despite of your best efforts to steer clear from those trigger foods? Perhaps it’s due to some surprising causes of acid reflux that you may not know about!

Continue reading if it seems like your acid reflux doesn’t seem to want to give you a break. The following are a bunch of acid reflux triggers that not too many people with the condition are aware of.

Fish Oil

Everyone knows that fish oil is good for the joints, heart and brain because of the omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. However, the very same healthy fats can actually set off your acid reflux. Consider adding more fish in your diet regularly so that you no longer have to supplement with fish oil.

Cigarette Smoking

Is one of your habits smoking? Then it can be the reason why your acid reflux doesn’t go away. Cigarette smoking causes the sphincter separating the esophagus and stomach to weaken, allowing digestive juices to flow up your esophagus. Quit smoking to get rid of your acid reflux as well as lower your risk of various health problems.


From time to time, we all pop a painkiller in our mouths if we are in pain. Did you know that the very pill that you take to attain relief from pain can make your chest hurt due to acid reflux? Some types of antibiotics and drugs for blood pressure can also bring forth a bout of acid reflux.

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Being stressed all the time can actually make you suffer from acid reflux more often. According to scientists, stress does not really affect the stomach’s production of digestive juices. However, it’s something that can leave you more attuned with the symptoms of acid reflux, thus they meddle with your life.

Extra Pounds

Are you evidently out of shape? Chances are those unwanted pounds you are carrying are the ones behind your frequent bouts of acid reflux. Scientists say that it can be blamed on the pressure applied by excess abdominal fat on your stomach. Obesity can be due to poor diet, which can also be a cause of acid reflux.


So many people suffering from indigestion count on peppermint oil or peppermint tea for much-needed relief. For those with acid reflux, however, peppermint is a complete no-no. That’s because it can make the sphincter between the esophagus and stomach relax, giving rise to acid reflux.

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