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Tips to Stay and Look Fresh All Day

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If you tend to power through your day and are constantly busy, the last thing you want is to not feel fresh and have the need to do touch up every few hours. Not feeling and looking fresh can affect your day and can even cause irritation. Having greasy hair, smudge makeup and sticky skin are never a good feeling. Looking and feeling fresh from the moment you wake up to when you get home is a dream that we can achieve. Even through a busy day at work to harsh weather. All you need is the right habits and tools to keep you fresh and feeling like you’ve stepped out of the shower. We’ve compiled some of the best tips to keeping your body, skin and makeup fresh all day long.


How can exfoliating help you look fresh all day? Well, it can actually do a lot. Have you ever wondered why your skin tends to be patchy or dry after a few hours of leaving your home? There can be a lot of causes for this, but something that most do not expect is that it could be caused by dead skin cells. Even if you moisturize your skin regularly, you will still get dead skin cells that can cause your skin to be uneven, patchy and prone to clogging. To make your makeup and skin feel and look fresh is to remove any obstruction on your skin. Exfoliating can give you a smoother canvas and can allow your skin to breathe. The smoother canvas can make your makeup last longer and can keep your skin cooler. You can use sugar or facial scrub to exfoliate your skin. If you tend to have oily skin or is in an environment that makes you more prone to dirt, then you will need to exfoliate more.

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Hydrating Spray or Mist

Using hydrating mist when you are starting feel icky or not so fresh can instantly make you feel a lot fresher. This is basically the same feeling you get when you splash cold water in your face, but facial mist won’t ruin your makeup. Spray a hydrating mist on your face and even your body. Pat your skin dry with a soft tissue or napkin. This not only hydrate your skin, it can also help activate products that are on your skin.

Blot It Away

Nothing can make us feel icky than oily skin. Using a napkin to remove excess oil is not enough. Blotting paper is essential to removing excess oil thoroughly. If you are prone to oily skin make sure to blot your skin every few hours to prevent your skin from clogging and causing the skin to feel heavy. An important tip you have to take note, even when you are blotting your face is to avoid touching your face with your fingers. This will only transfer dirt and grime on your hands to your face, making you more prone to clogging and sticky or dirty skin. Also, be sure to blot your skin, not swipe. This will only remove your makeup.

Avoid Spicy Food

If you are someone that tends to sweat a lot, you really should avoid spicy food. Spicy food can make you sweat a lot more than you usually do. Even after you eat, you can continue to sweat a few hours after you have eaten. There are also certain spicy food that can affect the way you smell, that can make you feel a lot less fresh than usual.

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Deodorant is one of the best item you can use that can help you feel fresh all day. Your deodorant isn’t just for your underarm. You can apply it in your thigh, under boob, buttocks, tummy and basically everywhere besides the face to prevent excessive sweating.

Get Enough Sleep and Water

If you are dehydrated and have not slept the recommended hours of sleep, you are more prone to feeling tired and not fresh. You may feel fresh after you’ve washed your face or taken a shower, but within a few hours you will feel a heaviness in your skin that will probably not go away until you’ve gotten a power nap. This goes the same when it comes to dehydration. Not having enough water can make your skin feel dry, heavy and gross. Drink a refreshing glass of water to wake up the body and improve body function.

These beauty tips and items are little things you can add to your daily beauty and makeup routine to keep you looking and feeling fresh all day long. When it comes to feeling fresh from the inside, make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Dehydration can cause you to look dull and feel tired. Eating certain foods can also reduce your freshness. Foods that are too heavy and greasy can make you feel rotten. Everything starts from the inside. Healthy skin comes from a healthy body. 

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