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5 Ancient Greek Natural Ingredients for Beautiful Skin Care

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Taking care of our skin should always be part of our daily regimen but sometimes we just feel confused on what is the best approach to our skin care regimen. With all the products being sold today, it’s not that easy to find something useful for our skin. Another thing to consider is that the skin care products that we often use are packed with chemicals that do more harm than good. If you want to improve your skin care, why not take a leaf out of the skin care regimen of the Greeks? Here are the natural ingredients that they use to care for their skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been used by the Greeks since ancient times in caring for their skin, body, hair, and their overall health. This is because of the numerous benefits that are linked to it. What they did was to extract the oil from the olives then using it on their skin so that they will be well protected against the sun. Although there is no exact science that can prove that this oil can help provide protection to your skin, it is worth considering if you are looking for a natural ingredient to care for your skin.


Honey was a staple in Greek beauty treatments for a long time and it is still being used today. This is because honey has hydrating properties on opt of the antifungal and antibacterial properties that it contains too. You can use it as is or if you want, mix it with some milk or olive oil before using as washes or cleansers. This is one of the reasons why the Ancient Greeks had that clear complexion.

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The Ancient Greeks were quite fond of their herbal baths because they found that it helped with their stiff muscles. Today, you will find that herbal baths are still a thing when it comes to caring for your skin. You can get them as premade products like salt baths, or, if you have easy access to herbs, you can make your own concoction. There are various herbal bath remedies that you can make on your own depending on what your skin needs.

Sea Salt

The Greeks value sea salt because of its numerous health benefits. Not only did they use to immerse themselves in sea salt baths, but they also mix it with olive oil to scrub their skin with. This helped remove dead skin cells that had accumulated on the surface of their skin. You can use either one if you like as both can contribute to bringing back the natural beauty of your skin.


If you have been using face masks as part of your beauty regimen then you’ve probably come across clay masks too. This is big hit with the Greeks as it was found to be effective with treating oily skin. This is because clay masks can draw out any impurities present so that any inflammation or even redness can be eliminated easily.

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