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Would You Consider Rubbing Pork Fat On Your Face?

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I’m sure you all have heard of surprising and strange things that people would consider using or rubbing on their faces for “beauty’s sake”. The latest to hit the beauty product scene is using pork fat as moisturizer and wrinkle-fighting product.

So let’s find out if you should really consider rubbing pork fat on your face?


You might think that pig collagen is a strange thing to use as a beauty product, but this may not be so. Stimulating collagen production is the mission of those anti-aging products, since lack of collagen is attributed to wrinkles.

This leads us to the question, Why use pork fat? Studies show that pigs have a similar body make-up to people. So it makes sense to use it in humans right?

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Plus some anti-aging products currently out in the market today are including some form of collagen as an ati-aging ingredient for their selling point. The South Korean beauty market are selling beauty products that include pig fat as one of its components.

But is it really effective?

Experts say that collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed or to passed through our skin, and therefore may not be entirely effective.

But this will not stop you from trying it right? After all a huge percentage of all beauty, cosmetic and skin products have animal fat in them. So why not give it a try?

Just try to make sure that the lard or fat you’re rubbing on your cheeks is from the unprocessed fatback of humanely raised pigs, if you want to make it at your home. Or you can try one of those products sold in the South Korean market, such as pig collagen jelly packs.

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