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11 Wellness and Beauty Benefits of Muskmelons (#8 Will Leave You Excited for Summer)

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There are so many things that everyone loves about summer such as the sand, sea and sun. Health-conscious individuals love the fact that melons are in season during such time of the year. Whether you are at the beach or in the backyard, make sure that there are slices of muskmelons within reach. Continue reading to find out why!

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Muskmelons are some of the most popular melons around. Their unique-looking skin is so easy to recognize, and their taste is really trouble-free to love. You can enjoy muskmelons as they are, or you may also add them to your smoothie or shake recipe. Definitely, slices of muskmelons make for some excellent toppings and salad ingredients.

The riper muskmelons get, the sweeter the taste becomes. Make sure that you shop for the ripest muskmelons that you can find — they should make a hollow sound when knocked, and they should give off a lovely odor when smelled. Just in case they’re not that ripe, simply allow them to sit in your kitchen for a few days.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits offered by muskmelons:

Increased Immunity

Muskmelons are excellent sources of vitamin C, a nutrient that helps strengthen the immune system. By regularly including them in your diet, your summer need not be spent resting in bed.

Improved Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Worried by the fact that you are already seeing fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Then consume muskmelons! Their vitamin C content assists in the production of collagen that helps keep the skin firm and wrinkle-free.

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Beautified Nails and Skin

Vitamin C present abundantly in muskmelons is also necessary for keeping your nails and skin healthy and lovely. So in other words, the inclusion of muskmelons in the diet allows you to look stunning from head to foot.

Maintained Gums and Teeth

Did you know that muskmelons are great for your smile because their vitamin C content is needed for healthy gums? Muskmelons also have calcium your teeth need to remain strong and become more resistant to cavities.

Sharpened Eyesight

Another vitamin you can obtain from muskmelons is vitamin A. Experts in eye care say that this vitamin is important for keeping your vision sharp, and also for warding off diseases that may affect the eyes and eventually eyesight.

Eliminated Joint Pain

There are lots and lots of antioxidants present in muskmelons, allowing these summer fruits to keep joint achiness and inflammation at bay. With so much fun activities to try, having painful joints is definitely a no-no!

Lowered Risk of Cancer

Antioxidants present abundantly in muskmelons also help in lowering a person’s risk of cancer, including that which affects the skin. However, make sure that you generously apply sunscreen, too.

Reduced Body Weight

Since muskmelons are very low in saturated fats, consuming them in moderation can help you shed off unwanted pounds. They are also heavy on the stomach because of their fiber content, keeping you from having cravings.

Controlled Blood Pressure

Just like bananas, muskmelons are good sources of potassium. This only means that they are just as good as those elongated yellow fruits in keeping high blood pressure at bay.

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Alleviated Constipation

The regular addition of muskmelons to the diet can help lower your risk of constipation, or deal with it if it’s already bugging you. It’s also a good idea for you to consume other fiber-rich foods to stay regular.

Increased Body Hydration

During summer, dehydration is very common. Make sure that you replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water and getting your hands on muskmelon wedges or smoothies as they are loaded with water.

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