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Must Try Easy Braided Hairstyles

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Braids are incredibly famous this season. You can see it on runways, wedding, magazines and online. A little braid can add a touch of pizzazz to everyday hair. Adding braids to classic styles gives it bit more youth.

Not all of us can be hair styling wizards. Before trying to create hard and advance braided hairstyle, here are some easy braided hairstyles you have to try. These hairstyles are very well known classics that you can try for yourself or your friends. These hairstyles will look great in parties, reunions and dates. After trying out these braided hairstyles you’re going to get hooked on braiding and you’ll be creating your very own version of 5 strand braids or fishtail braids.

Side Fishtail Braid

Must Try Easy Braided Hairstyles

This braid works well with long hair, but can still be done on short hair with a different variation. Fishtails looks a lot better when the hair has texture. Curl your hair to add texture before braiding or keep your hair straight if you want a clean and precise fishtail.

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Step 1. Comb your hair to your side and tie it in place with an elastic band. You can skip this step and go directly to braiding, but doing this creates a loose and more precise braid.

Step 2. Divide your pony into two equal sections. Take a small section from each side, take this section from the outer corners.

Step 3. Take one of the smaller sections and cross it over and add it to the bigger section. Repeat this with the other section and so on. Continue until you’re 2 inches from the ends and tie it off with an elastic band.

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Step 4. Cut the elastic band creating a low pony and adjust the texture of the braid by pulling some of the hairs.

Must Try Easy Braided Hairstyles

Twisted Half Up Halo Braid

Must Try Easy Braided Hairstyles

This is a great and easy hairstyle for work or going it. You can add texture to your hair by curling it and get the same result as the picture above, but this look also works great in straight hair. This type of twist looks amazing in naturally curly hair.

Step 1. From the parting of your hair, take a 2 inch square section and separate it into two.

Step 2. Twist the two sections together, adding in sections from the top of the hair. Stop adding sections beyond the ear and continue twisting the two sections. Clip or tie down when you reach the ends of the hair.

Step 3. Repeat this step on the other side. Take the two twisted section and intersect them together. Remove the clip or elastic on the ends and adjust your twist to the extent you want.
Before twisting you can add volume to the crown of your hair by teasing, this will add dimension and drama to the hairstyle.

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Braided Bun
Must Try Easy Braided Hairstyles

This is one of those go-to hairstyles you can create when you’re running late or having a bad hair day. It is so easy to do and can be easily be turned from business to party. You can have two approaches to this look the sleek and clean braided bun and the messy braided bun like the picture above.

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Sleek Braided Bun

Step 1. Tie your hair in either a low, mid or high pony. Braid your pony and leave an inch before tying it with an elastic band. Add Mousse or styling wax on your hair and hands to keep short hair from popping out of the braid.

Step 2. Spread the braid if you have thin hair if not, leave it as is. Twist the braid around your pony and tuck the ends inside Secure it with Bobby pins and spray on hair spray to prevent fly aways.

Messy Braided Bun

Step 1. Section off the hair in the crown area and teas to create the “bump”. Secure this section by pinning it with Bobby pins.

Step 2. Take the rest of the hair and create a normal three strand braid, it doesn’t matter if its messy. Twist this braid just below the crown area and secure with pins.

Step3. Tuck away any loose hairs from the back inside the bun. Spritz a little hair spray to keep it in place.

Braiding getting your fingers in a twist? If you find creating braids too difficult, try practicing braiding with pieces of cloth before doing it on your hair. Doing this will give you the rhythm of braiding making it a lot easier to do. Happy Braiding!

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