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Beauty Tips for Girls That Wear Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are amazing! They can help you see clearly without the irritation of wearing glasses, make your eyes look bigger and change your eye color in an instant. There hasn’t been a lot of beauty tips targeted for contact lens wearers. So for all my contact lensing people out there here are some amazing beauty tips for you!

Be Clean!

Contact lenses are created with a very delicate material and it is also placed in a delicate area. Taking caution when applying them is important. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that you do not have any excess products on your hands such as oil, dyes, makeup, hand lotion, fragrance or anything that can stick to your contact lenses. It is also important to clean your lenses before you pop it in your eye. Making sure everything is clean will prevent eye infection or irritation.

Lenses First Before Makeup

This is pretty obvious since you do have to apply your contact lenses with clean hands. Applying it before will limit the chance of you getting any product on the lenses or ruining any of your eye makeup. Experts also suggest to do this to prevent damage and scratching on the contact lenses. Contact lenses that have come in contact with makeup will give you discomfort or pain and at times will lead to an eye infection.

Contact Lenses Friendly Products

Look for makeup or cleansing products that are mild and safe lens. Products that are hypoallergenic are great for reducing chances of irritation. Ask your ophthalmologist if you experience sensitivity in your eye due to some products and ask them for better alternatives.

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Gentle Application

Rubbing your eyes or stretching your skin too much when applying makeup can damage your contact lenses. Make sure to apply eye makeup gently. Avoid using a heavy hand when applying eyeshadow or eyeliner. Too much pressure can scratch the lenses or make it move out of place.


One of the biggest makeup problems you will face as a contact lens wearer is applying eyeliner. Tight lining your application and putting it near or around your lash line can be dangerous, especially when using liquid liner. The flat parts of your eyelid are responsible for producing oil in your tear gland and when covered with a thick eyeliner, may lead to dry eyes, sties or filmy lenses. Avoid this by applying above this line or skin applying eyeliner.

Use Cream Eye Shadows Instead Of Powder

It is important to not let any excess makeup product go near or on the eye. The best way to prevent this is to use products that stick to the skin. Cream products adhere to the skin better than powder, so using cream eyeshadow is the best bet for contact lens wearer. Though, both types of products can still get in the eye. Though, powder type eyeshadows are harder to control. If you really want to use powder eyeshadow, make sure to use an eyelid primer to prevent it from falling or melting.

Avoid Oil Based Products

When buying your makeup product make sure to read if it is oil based. Oil based types of products tend to make contact lenses filmy and can make them expire faster. When you use an oil based makeup remover, make sure to clean your hands and remove your lenses before you clean your face.

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Say No to Lash Building Mascaras

Avoid placing any products in your eyes that contain fiber, this material can flake and enter the eyes. This will create scratches on the lenses or the small fiber can become trapped underneath the lenses causing pain or discomfort. When you experience this, move your lenses a bit and apply your solution.

False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes can make the eyes pop, but your contact lenses can also do that. So wearing two and two together is not a good idea, health wise. Eyelash glue can easily adhere to contact lenses and this can actually glue your contact lenses to your skin. When you really want to apply false eyelashes, make sure that the glue is already tacky when you apply your false eyelashes and keep them closed until it completely dries.

When it comes to makeup application makes sure that you don’t apply to much product around the eye, especially when you are using bright colored lenses. Too much eye makeup can over power the whole face and remove the focus on your lenses.

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