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Beauty Tips for Round Faced Girls

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Round faces are ones that don’t contain sharp features and angels. Though this isn’t too much of a problem, thought the problem with these types of face shape is that there are no accentuated features. You need some simple tip and tricks that can help create this sharp features without emphasizing the shape of your face. Check out these easy beauty tips for round faces.

Bronzing Powder

People that have round faces typically have short but wide structure. We want to add some length to your face to make it appear slimmer. You can use bronzing powder or contouring powder/cream to create this illusion. Apply your bronzing powder on the sides, forehead and the hollows of the cheek. Applying the bronzer only on your sides will make your face appear wider. A great tip for applying your bronzer is to pick darker toned products and apply it on the sides and apply a lighter shade when applying close to the center of the face. Use a good blending brush to balance the two tones together before applying highlighter. Apply highlighter on the center of the forehead, middle of your chin and nose bridge to give off that polish and dramatic look. Make sure to blend everything together and look at it through different lighting to prevent harsh lines and discoloration.

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Dark Makeup

No, we’re not telling you to go Goth, but this type of makeup is a great idea for round faces. Though this type of makeup can be inappropriate for a professional environment. Using dark eye makeup and dark lip color can bring forward your assets. The dark tone of the makeup can place more emphasis on the desired part of the face and make this feature more prominent, making the whole surface look smaller.

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Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

It’s never a good idea to over pluck your eyebrows and create an unnatural shape with it. This is especially important for round faces. Unnatural and thin looking eyebrows will be incredibly prominent on round faces. The rounder you shape your eyebrows the more prominent the shape of your face will be. Make sure that you create some angles with your eyebrows. Aim for eyebrows that look natural and wider to reduce the space in your face.

Hairstyles for Round Face

Your hairstyle can help accentuate or hide your round face, choosing the right one is important. When it comes to round face hairstyles, take some advice from square faces. Remember this tip, any haircut that looks good on square faces will look good on round faces. Long to medium hair will look great on you. Layers, messy hairstyles, asymmetrical cuts and short layers are great in creating angles for the face. Avoid hairstyle that is flat and blunt cut. This can only accentuate the roundness of your face. It’s also better to have short layers around the face.

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short hair styles and round faces can be a bit tricky and is often avoided. When choosing a short hairstyle look for asymmetrical one. The asymmetry of the haircut will help put angles on the face. Avoid short haircuts that cut just above the jaw line or haircuts that are too heavy. A great thing to pair with this short haircut is some large or dangling earrings. The earrings can compensate for your hair and add more angles to the face.

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High Up-dos and Big Hair

High up-dos and big hair will make the face appear longer and slimmer. Pick high hairstyles like a high top knot or some natural big curls. Some soft waves can also bring some definition to your face. Pageant girl hair paired with some dark makeup is a great party night look.

Don’t Change A Thing

Round faces are given the edge of looking young no matter their age. There is no point in covering up and correcting your round face. Wearing straight haircuts, contouring or hair contouring is all up to you. Make yourself over the way you want. Did you know that round faces are considered one of the most attractive face shapes.

So, get all dolled up for this season and try out these beauty tips for round faces. Stand out from the crowd and add some confidence and life to your look! Just remember to be happy and embrace every inch of yourself! Share with us some of your tips below.

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