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Papaya for Weight Loss?

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Losing weight is not an easy thing to accomplish because you need to commit to this task in order to see results. Exercise and diet are usually recommended to get rid of those stubborn calories but many are feeling quite confused as to what to include in their daily meals that can help them lose pounds. Fruits and vegetables are usually recommended but there is one fruit that is believed useful when it comes to losing weight which is papaya.

So what exactly can papaya do to your body that can boost your weight loss results?

Increase fiber intake. Papaya can actually provide you up to 2 grams of fiber per cup which is about 10 percent the recommended daily intake. Fiber plays an important role in weight loss as it helps flush out any toxins present in the body including fats especially when you ingest soluble fiber. What’s more, the fiber from papaya can sit for hours in your stomach which means that you will still feel full. This means that you will be less likely to eat in between meals.

Boosts digestion. Poor digestion can cause your belly to bloat but eating papaya can help solve this little problem. Eating papaya can ease the stress from your digestive system so that it will be able to metabolize the food that you have eaten for the body to absorb the nutrients they contain while at the same time eliminating excess fats.

Low in energy density. Papaya is considered as a low-energy density food which means that you’ll feel fuller faster compared to those high-energy density food like cakes and sweet treats. If you’re going to look closer at papaya, you will find that it contains only about 0.4 calories per gram which makes it a perfect choice for snack or dessert. If you’re not ready to give up on your sweet treats just yet, add some papaya on top of your ice cream or cake.

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Contains papain. Another reason why papaya is a good addition to your diet for weight loss is that it contains the enzyme papain which promotes better bowel movement and digestion. This means that your food is constantly metabolized and eliminated from the body so that the fats won’t be able to cling to your body.

Good for diabetics. Weight gain is one factor that can trigger diabetes in individuals which is why it is worth noting that papaya is a favourable choice as sugar substitute. What’s more, papaya has plenty of antioxidants in it which is also useful when it comes to getting rid of free radicals that can also trigger weight gain.

Who would have thought that papaya can provide several benefits linking to weight loss? Although papaya alone isn’t enough to shed the number of pounds you want, you can still add it to your weight loss diet to boost digestion, increase absorption of nutrients, and most of all, keep your belly full for several hours.






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