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Skin Care Tips to Consider in Rainy Season

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The rainy season may help cool your body down from the sweltering heat of the summer, but what does it mean for your skin? Just like in summer, you shouldn’t forget to care for your skin because infections abound when the rain starts coming.

Fortunately, your skin care routine doesn’t have to undergo any major changes but rather some minor tweaks to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Let’s get started!


Cleansing your face using a mild face wash helps remove any excess oil and dirt build up on your skin. This is important as the pores of your skin can get clogged easily.

Tone it

Toning your skin is necessary still when the weather becomes wet. Choose one that is of the non-alcoholic type to avoid drying your skin. This helps retain the pH levels of your skin and keep it glowing too.


Make sure that you exfoliate your skin once a week to remove any dirt, germs, oil, or bacteria that are accumulating on the pores of your skin. Although there are commercially made facial scrubs that you can purchase, you can make one on your own using natural ingredients. You shouldn’t exfoliate your skin too much as it can leave your skin feeling raw and rough.


The rising humidity levels that the rainy season brings can leave your skin feeling dry at times. This won’t do as your skin will look dull and prone to signs of aging too. You can avoid this from happening by being generous with the amount of moisturizer that you apply on your skin. When you do moisturize, make sure that you are using a product that contains less ingredients to prevent breakouts. If your skin tends to be on the oily side, choose a water-based moisturizer instead to help reduce the oil your skin is producing.

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Less makeup

For those who wear thick makeup, time to wear something light during rainy season. Invest on high quality makeup brands and go for those that are ideal for your skin type to avoid clogging your skin or breaking out in acne. Cracked lips can be treated with lip balm. Go for coconut oil as it helps moisturize your lips completely.


Make sure that you apply sunscreen every time you leave your home to ensure that you are protecting your skin still. Just because the sky is overcast, it doesn’t mean that you are safe from the sun. The UV rays are still penetrating your skin which is why you should choose a sunscreen product has high SPF levels.


Avoid doing facials  way too often especially during the rainy season because it leaves the skin a bit rough. If you are going to use facials, you can make one on your own. This way, you will not have to worry about any side effects plus you’ll see a huge improvement on your skin too. When it comes to face packs, you can start with Fuller’s earth as this helps remove any toxins in your skin safely.


When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and smooth during rainy season, make it a point to hydrate regularly. Drink several glasses of water per day or make infusions if you want to liven up your drink. Keep in mind that humidity can cause you to sweat profusely which means that you are losing water. By drinking regularly, you are ensuring that your skin remains smooth and supple.

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These are just a few skin care steps that you should take if you want to keep your skin looking great even in rainy season.

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