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5 Ways to Calm Down without Medication

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Not everyone is immune to stress. Even those who are living the simplest of lives can experience different forms of stress. Although we are capable of coping with stress and its effects on our body, there are those who succumb to its powerful grip where they become anxious over the problems that they are facing. Some feel the need to take medication for their anxiety but there are other alternatives to use.

  • Keep your pressure points in We become a bundle of nerves when we are stressed to the point that we can’t functionn properly especially when anxiety has taken a hold of us. When you find yourself unable to concentrate because you have too many things in mind, knowing where your acupressure points are will help. There are certain areas in the body such as on your head, hands, and face that, when pressed on, can help calm you down. Try pressing the meaty portion of your hand between your forefinger and your thumb for a few seconds during stressful situations. You will find that you are less anxious after a few minutes.
  • Drink some tea. When stress is getting the best of you, and you are starting to feel anxious about a particular problem or issue, take a break and brew some tea. Chamomile tea is actually one of the best teas that you can drink when you are feeling stressed out. Studies show that this particular tea acts the same way as Valium but in a safer manner. You can also opt for green tea if you like because, aside from calming your nerves, it has antioxidants that can boost your immune system so you will not give in to stress too easily.
  • Sweat it out. Sometimes we just need to find an outlet to vent our frustrations and anxiety and what better way to do this than find a sports or fitness program that will make you beat stress out? Think HIIT or go for a run or even sign up to learn a new sport. These activities will not only get your mind off the problem that has been bugging you but it will also help you tone and strengthen your muscles and bones in the process.
  • Load up on omega-3s. Another step that you can take when it comes to treating anxiety is through food. It appears that loading up on foods that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids can help reduce your stress levels significantly. Think salmon, tuna, and sardines as well as some types of nuts and seeds.
  • Meditation. You may frown at the idea of meditating to calm your nerves but many have tried this step before and found that it actually works. Meditating teaches you to let go of all the thoughts that are running in your mind and just focus on your breathing. Deep breathing helps in releasing stress so you will enter a calm and relaxed state free from worries.
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