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Unexpected Beauty, Fashion and Health Uses for Common Items

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Most of the things we have at home have multiple uses. Some household items can be used for health, fashion and beauty purposes. From using your eyebrow brush to remove lint to using lotion to make hair sleek. We’ve compiled dome of the most unexpected uses for these items. Read on to find out more.

Eyebrow Brush

Going to an event and notice that you have lint or pet hair on your clothes? If you are in a pinch you can take your eyebrow brush and use it to remove unwanted hair or fizz in most clothing. Just remove the dirt from your brush each swab. You can still reuse your eyebrow brush on your face, just make sure to clean it first.

Dryer Sheets

If you don’t have time to shampoo your hair, but really want to get rid of the grease and smell in your hair – you can try using your dryer sheet. Dryer sheets can help reduce the grease in your hair, get rid of the smell and reduce fly away. Simply rub the dryer sheet on your hair like using a towel.

Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow can be used for a lot of different things. From using it as an alternative to blush, lipstick, highlight and contour. It can also be used as a way to hide your roots or to make your hair appear a lot thicker. A great way to use expired eye shadow is to use it as a DIY paint.


Toothpaste is popularly known to help reduce the appearance of pimples, but it can also help remove yellow nails and remove car light dirt.

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You can use old buttons as a way to organize your jewelry. You can use buttons to make sure that you never lose a pair of earrings again. You can also use your buttons to pair your bracelets and necklace together. Coloring old buttons and using it to add some design to your old bags or clothes are a great way to reuse the.

Facial Toner

Did you make a mistake when applying self-tanner? You facial toner can be used to get rid of uneven. Streaks and splotches.


If you accidentally burn yourself with your curling iron or when cooking, you can use yogurt to soothe the pain. Applying it directly on the wound can help cool the area, reduce swelling, speed up healing and remove redness.

These are just some of the multi-purpose items you can use for different beauty, fashion and health uses – and there are so much more. What do you think about these uses? Have you heard any of these unexpected uses before? Do you have your own tips to share? Share it with us.

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