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Contour with Self-Tanner

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Looking through magazines and television, you always notice how perfect this celebrity and models look from every angle. We always wonder why and believe that they were just designed to be perfect human beings. Now, we know better than that. People in the beauty industry have been spilling their secrets on how to make these men and women look perfect in their everyday life. One of the best tip we have ever gotten is learning to contour the body with self-tanner.

These celebrities and models may have fit figure, but they do have a lot of gratitude for their body makeup artists. Yes, they do exist. This people are makeup artists that have the ability to make the body look leaner and fitter with a simple help of a brush and trusted makeup products. One of the few things these makeup artists have shared with us is contouring the whole body using self-tanner. Doing this will enhance the body’s definition creating leaner and toned muscles, longer legs, smaller arms and more.

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Learning to contour your body will be a great trick to create flawless pictures.

Finding the Right Product

One of the most important part of this tutorial is finding the right product. Using the wrong product can cause you to look uneven and goofy. If you’ve never tried body contouring before, go for a tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are easier to control than other products. You can start by applying light amounts of tanner and test how much your skin will darken. Doing this will enable you to determine how much product you need to apply to each section. If you prefer something quick and easy to remove, go for Bronzing powder. This is a great choice for those weddings or special events. No matter, what your choice of tanner (spray, powder, cream or lotion) none of these products can last forever.

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Over All Toning

Before focusing on one part of the body, it’s best to create a great base. Work on creating a fine base with your self-tanner. Apply one layer all over your body. After this apply another layer on areas that need more emphasis such as the bum area, legs, chest, shoulder and arms. This will create more definition in this area, creating more muscle definition.


Contour your face with a self-tanner by mixing it with a moisturizer. Apply this mixture all over your face and allow it to dry. Take your foundation brush or sponge and dip it in your tanning lotion. Blend the product on your jaw line, under the cheekbones, hairline and temples. You need to mix moisturizer to your self-tanner to keep the face lighter than the rest of the body. The face looks aged when it is too tanned or darker than the rest of the body. Be careful when applying the self-tanner on your face too. Don’t use too much product, just have enough in your sponge to spread evenly on your target areas.

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One of the best ways to contour your arms is to flex your muscles in front of the mirror. You’ll notice the natural lines in your muscles. Trace this lines with your self-tanner and create more definition in your muscles. Just adjust your flexing position to target different muscles in the arm.


Like the arms you can easily create muscle definition on the legs by flexing the muscles. Apply tanner in areas that are deeper than others to give you that long legged appearance. Avoid putting in too much definition. This can make your legs appear too muscular.

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Abdominal Area

You can fake your abs or enhance abdominal muscle by drawing a straight line with self-tanner from your ribcage to your belly button. Use a small sponge to blend out the product. If you can engage your core, use the lines in your muscles to create more definition. You can also create a rounded effect on your hips to create that A-line effect.

Chest Area

The cleavage area is an important part to contour. This will make your chest appear bigger and more toned. Just follow your natural line and start blending from there. This can also apply for guys, you can define your chest muscles by creating a shadow underneath and in the middle of your chest area.

Remember that you can only contour areas in your body that have slight or have more muscle tone. The idea of contouring is to enhance something that is already there. Applying self-tanner in areas where you are a bit flabby will only make it appear incredibly fake. There are other ways to enhance your body’s definition. You can use makeup to help highlight and contour the body, you can exercise a few minutes before hitting the beach and of course do weight training.

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