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Beauty Tips for Pale Skin

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The tanned and bronze skin has dominated the fashion industry and pop culture. Tan and bronze skin is deemed ideal by most men and women. This fad was started in the early 1920’s when sunbathing became famous. Though, due to health risk of sun damage, sunbathing is ill advised. The past few years, the “natural” look has grown to be the next fad in fashion. People are now embracing the natural look, bushy eyebrows, nude lipstick, foundation free skin and the natural skin tone.

Some people are given the gift of beautiful tan, brown and dark skin, while some are given the gift of porcelain and ivory skin. All skin tones are beautiful, knowing how to work them and take care of them is important. Pale skin, needs extra attention from other skin tones due to its sensitivity.

Maintaining pale skin will take certain effort. It is important to protect your complexion with sunblock every day. Finding the right foundation color will be tricky and picking the right lipstick shade or blush will take a lot of trial and error. The wrong color shade can make you look like a clown.

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If you’ve always struggled with makeup due to your pale skin, here are some beauty tips you can try.

No Neutral Eyeshadows

When you have pale skin its best to avoid the two ends of the spectrum, no light eyeshadow and no dark eyeshadow. Light eye shadow will only make your skin appear lighter or it makes the eyes look tired. If you want to add pop to your eyes, but don’t plan to use color. Apply a dash of eyeliner, place on the water line for a more natural look or apply a simple cat eye for drama.

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Light Smokey Eye

Since colors are more visible on pale skin, dark colors tend to appear darker. Applying dark eyeshadow with smudged eyeliner on pale skin is not the way to go. This will put too much emphasize on the eyes and adding any other color on the face such as blush or lipsticks will appear too much. There is also a chance that you will appear to have a black eye or panda eyes. If you’ve set your heart to a Smokey eye look opt for eyeshadows that are gray, blue or brown. These colors won’t be too distracting and won’t overpower the face.

Lipstick Shades

Having such light skin gives you the ability to have a lighter canvas. Light colored lipsticks such as soft apricots, rosy pinks and sandy pinks will look natural and refreshed with pale skin. It can help bring out the redness or the natural glow on the face without the use of blush. Using bright and bold colors will surely pop out, using bright lip shades if you’re going to accentuate your lips. Using bright colors is great when going for a glamourous or high fashion look.

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Go Natural

Embrace your beautiful skin. Skip the self-tanning lotion or the bronzer. Applying too much self-tanner or bronzer can make you appear very unnatural and cartoonish. If you really want to get the sun kissed look, you can swipe a small amount of bronzer below your cheekbone and hairline.

Foundation Shade

Looking for the perfect foundation when you have pale skin will take a lot of effort. Lighter shades can appear either too gray, white or pink on pale skin. To pick the perfect shade you need to test the product on your face, not the back of your hand, wrist or neck. Your face can have a different undertone than the rest of your body, so applying it either on your cheek or jaw is ideal. Make use of the samples and testers in makeup stores. If you can’t seem to find the perfect shade for you, try mixing and matching different foundation shades.

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Hair Color

There are certain hair colors that can drag pale skin down, it can make you appear paler or grayer. Ask a professional stylist what hair color shade will best suit your skin tone. Changing your hair color can greatly affect your skin’s appearance.

Don’t Skip the Blush

Unless you’re going for the bright lips, or dark Smokey eye high fashion look, never forget to apply blush. The negative side of being pale is that you tend to look lifeless or sickish. Using blush will bring life to the face, it can create warmth, dimension and color. Don’t apply blush that is too bright though, this can appear clownish, opt for warmer tones and light pinks.

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Find the makeup look and a skin care regiment that works best for you. Finding the right makeup will take a few tries, but getting one that perfectly suits your skin tone will be worth it. Learn to take care of your skin, blemishes, scars and discoloration are more visible on pale skin. Keep your skin healthy and show off that beautiful porcelain skin.

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