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Perfecting At Home Pedicure

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Getting a pedicure from time to time can help you maintain healthy toenails but the price of getting it done by a professional might not fit your budget all the time. This may mean that you have to forego this part of your nail care routine but do you really have to? The good news is that you can actually care for your nails on your own, even in the comforts of your home. It’s all just a matter of following certain steps to pull off a professional looking pedicure.

How to get that perfect pedicure at home? Here are the steps you should follow.

Buff feet when dry. First things first, when it comes to buffing your feet, it should be done while your feet is still dry and not when you’ve already washed them. You should invest on a quality foot file and focus on the heels, edges of your toes, as well as the balls of your feet to remove buildup of dead skin.

Soak. You can also soak your feet first in a tub that has water mixed with the juice of one lemon and Epsom salt. Mix the ingredients and soak your feet up to the ankles for 10 minutes. Pat your feet dry with a clean towel and apply cuticle softener afterwards.

Massage your feet. After giving your feet a nice soak, the next step would be to massage your feet. This will help eliminate any remaining dead skin cells that you were not able to remove when you buffed your feet. Use a foot scrub to expedite the process and rinse afterwards.

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Trim your nails. You should trim your nails as much as possible to avoid injuring yourself. Just make sure that you don’t trim too much especially on the edges as this might lead to ingrown. Use a fIle to shape your nails. File in one direction only to avoid breaking your nails. Buffer the surface and the sides of your nails to smoothen them. You can use an old toothbrush or a scrubber to scrub your nails gently to give them the extra shine.

Clean the cuticles. After the cuticle softener has been on your toes for more than five minutes, it is time to direct your attention to them. You can clean your cuticles with a tissue or cotton. Push the cuticles back with the blunt end of your cuticle pusher. If you know how to trim then do so if that is what you prefer.

Hydrate. Cracked feet can be a source of discomfort especially when you’re standing or walking most of the time. The crackes on the heels can be a breeding ground for fungal infections which can lead to various foot problems. With that being said, it is only right that you use a generous amount of foot cream especially on your heels, balls of your feet, or even the edges of your toes to soften the skin in these areas. The foot cream can help lock in the moisture so that your feet will remain soft.

Apply nail polish. Last but not the least, it is time to paint your nails with your choice of color. Of course, you need to start with the base coat first followed by your nail polish. Once the paint has dried, seal the color in using a top coat. 

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These are just a few of the steps that you need to follow if you want to give your feet and nails the care that they need. Who said that you have to spend a lot just to get a decent pedicure? The steps mentioned above will yield the best results especially if you do your pedicure on your own.

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