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Push Yourself to Workout Everyday

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You know that you have to exercise every day to keep yourself fit and healthy. You know that just a few minutes of high activity in a day can help manage your weight. You know that you can push yourself to work out every day, yet you can’t just seem to get out of your slump or that comfortable bed. There aren’t a lot of things you have to do to remain fit. Eat healthy, avoid vices and exercise. Yet, all of these things seem to be incredibly hard to do. Eating healthy when there are billions of temptation every corner and vices aren’t that easy to let go either. You may not believe it, but the easiest thing you can do is to master working out every day.

You don’t have to do intense HIIT exercises every day. All you need is a few minutes. However, pushing yourself to take a few minutes of your busy day can be a harder battle. What you will be fighting here is your motivation. How can you motivate yourself to work out every day? Below are some tips to help you get up and work out.

Analyze your Schedule

If you really want to make exercise a part of your routine, you have to add this into your everyday schedule. This isn’t something you can do when you feel like it. This will only procrastinate working out and opting doing something else such as sleeping. You can schedule your workout different times of the day, as long as you work out during this period the following week. You need to continue this for at least two months before your body will adjust to making it a habit. Once your body establishes working out as a habit, you will start to crave it and your body will start to wonder why it hasn’t exercised that day. So, before that actually happens, look at your schedule and pick the best time to exercise every day. Pick a time where you still have energy to work out and won’t feel sluggish afterwards.

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One of the best things that keep us motivated is music. Have you ever wondered why cleaning your house feel like a breeze when heart pumping music is on? Music that tends to be upbeat helps our body get into a more active phase causing us to have more energy. This is why your workout jam is important. Simply, putting on music when you wake up can help you work out as you do your regular morning routine. Brushing your teeth can be a dance party in a flash. Another way to do is to condition yourself. You know that feeling of dread you feel when you hear your song alarm out of nowhere? Making a song your wake up alarm causes us to associate that song with something annoying. You can do this with working out too. Pick one song that you just have to dance or work out to no matter what. This can act as your conditioning song.

In Big Bold Letters

Place a huge sign somewhere visible. Place your schedule, your goals and what you are planning to work out. Add in some inspirational quotes in there too. It’s important to place these signs somewhere you can see them. Your bathroom mirror, door and even your ceiling. These signs will remind you what you have to do, or if doesn’t work; make you feel guilty for not doing what you were supposed to do.

Performance Cues

Have you ever heard your favorite athlete shout something before their big game? Those are called performance cues, it’s like a short mantra you say to yourself to help push you into a kick fight mindset. Phrases such as Let’s do this!, Fighting or Push are some examples. Pick one that you can really associate with yourself and would put you in a positive mindset. Say this to yourself every day before your workout.

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Get into the Basics

Understanding more about fitness can help you with working out. Knowing the ins and outs can help you understand what you need to do and why you need to do it.

Don’t get angry at yourself if you can’t work out every day. All of us have different fitness levels. The important thing is that you want to change and is making the effort to make changes. Start with small changes such as waking up early to walk a few minutes or standing up when watching TV. Just make sure to get active at least 10 minutes a day. 

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