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5 DIY Steps to Protect Hair from Sun

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We do need the sun as it’s one of the best sources of vitamin D but too much exposure to the sun’s rays can have a downside not just to our skin but also to our hair. Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget about this especially during the summer since we just want to focus on getting our tan. This is why we often end up with dry, brittle hair that is prone to breakage like split ends.

On a good note, there are steps that you can take to prevent your hair from getting damaged by the sun. If you are planning on spending hours outdoors, make sure you keep these steps in mind.

SPF and Rosemary. Not all hair products have sunscreen but this shouldn’t be a problem because you can make your own. You will need SPF 25 sunscreen, water, and 3 to 4 drops of rosemary oil. Start by diluting 2 teaspoons of SPF 25 sunscreen in a cup of water. Add 3 to 4 rosemary oil to the mix and transfer to a spray bottle. Shake well before using so that the oil and water will mix. Spray the solution on your hair before you go outside or before diving into the pool.

Moisturize. The sun’s rays has the ability to break down the Keratin or protein of the hair which can cause damage when not addressed immediately. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by keeping your hair properly moisturized using a leave-on conditioner. You can also apply conditioner while your hair is still wet and not rinse afterwards if you want more protection against sun damage.

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Coconut and Salt. If you want to add texture to your hair when you step outside, making your own sea spray is worth trying. This spray is actually ideal for those with oily hair because it can help get rid of excess oil and moisture. However, too much sea salt can make your hair appear dry hence the need of coconut oil. Simply combine a teaspoon of sea salt with a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil and water. The coconut oil will help seal in the moisture in your scalp and hair so that you won’t have to worry about dryness at all.

Wrap Your Hair. Another possible solution to minimizing the damage caused by the sun on your hair is to wrap it up in a scarf or where your hair in an updo. The problem with leaving your hair untied is that the ends of the hair are usually weak and prone to breakage when constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. By wrapping it up or twisting it in a bun to hide the ends, you can protect your hair against possible dryness and breakage. You can also wear a hat for added coverage. Your hair will thank you later for this effort.

Lightening Hair with Lemon and Chamomile. Adding highlights to our hair certainly adds character to our overall look but constantly exposing yourself to the sun’s harsh rays can actually make these stand out colors fade faster. The good news is that you can actually use the sun’s power to add golden highlights by spraying some lemon-infused water on certain areas of your hair. The citric acid found in lemon can actually open the hair cuticle further thus lifting the pigment from your hair and delivering that golden hue. Just combine 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of almond oil, juice from 2 lemons, and 10 drops of chamomile essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake well before using.

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