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The Best and Worst Food Decisions when you’re sick

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If food is not your passion than you should reconsider, the best healing benefits you could get off from anything is what you put in your mouth every day. Your choice diet determines your life, or at least one of those vital things that do. What you eat can heal or sicken but eating right is important all the time for prevention is still better than finding cures. Eating right especially when you are sick is freeing since you are healed much faster. You may be too sick to eat a lot or you may be tormented by the items you cannot have, either way eat the minimum amount of nutritious homemade munchies you need.A lot of sickly people are like that from poor dieting, malnourishment inflicted on themselves perhaps from stress, laziness at cooking or a warped body image. The chances of you looking worse are more likely than looking better in the long run when you run your life on stress and overly conscious self-image.

Listen to your body as well as possible and force feed yourself in very tiny amounts and paced carefully if you are very nauseous and/or of low appetite. Overeating is a great sin when you are freshly sick for you may vomit it out, get indigestion or take too much energy digesting the food slowly instead of fighting off the disease for that time.

Avoid empty calories and avoid those junkie cravings, opt for nutrient-packed foods so every calorie count in smaller, lighter, easy bites.What if you’ve got loose movement?

A universal nightmare that sprouts from it a lot of classic jokes and horrific incidents. Fortunately all the cures are in nature such as high-potassium foods that are not always leafy but starchy or mushy and rich in texture that help bind your stomach and guts. Such foods are squash, yogurt, fish, avocados, mushrooms and the classic Potassium model the banana. Oh and dark leafy greens are in the team as well.

Especially within 24 hours you must have at least 3 small servings of whole foods and little bites or sips in between. Fruits, veggies for sure, light protein sources if you want to handle it, whole grains, fish, natural fruit juices with pulp, vitamin tablets, tea, oatmeal- anything you can handle. Make sure to make it a mix of light and some heavier food so your stomach does not get shocked with the weight thus letting you keep the food in easier. But the most important food item to consider is BROTH! Just all the vitamins, mineral, good fats and antioxidants swimming in hot, reviving liquid, broth also gets your tummy ready for more solid foods.

Probiotic-rich sources will ease your loose movement a lot more easily combined with a good whole diet. Yogurt or cultured milk drinks like Yakult and fermented vegetables are better than supplements. Raw garlic is great too or make it half-cooked if you are a lightweight, it sounds very close to a Korean diet but something along those lines work well. If you really can’t handle those strong flavours simple salads and soups will do fine.

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High acidity and low acidity are both bad and can cause diarrhea.

You have to balance out your stomach’s pH level by not over or under eating, not having too much oil, fat and sugar and not starving yourself of protein, fibre and some carbs. Enzymes, hydrochloric acid and other many medicines exist in tablet or pill form but it is much more beneficial and less confusing for your immune system to just have a clean, light diet of soups, veggies both leafy and stocky and either plant-based protein sources or light animal protein such as seafoods and poultry. High acidity is also dangerous and sensitive, acidic people can eventually develop gastritis and ulcers so if you are sick and acidic you must have snacks all throughout the day even if it is verging on junk food- because it is more important to keep your stomach on hold than for you to develop an ulcer. But of course opt for the healthy option, you can eat more junk food when you are recovering though but nothing too bad like candy and instant noodles but perhaps a burger and fries without trans fat is fine as a reward.

Make sure you avoid artificial sweeteners because they also act as a laxative, this means no chewing gum. Sugar alcohol or just plain edible alcohol is a no-brainer that it can cause loose movement to loosen up even more. Worst party ever.

Constipation is a root and fruit of responsibilities of the self lacking. When you get constipated more frequently that is your body upper cutting you up the gut to tell you to fix your habits ASAP. Constipation significantly affects those who are 65 and over yet so many people are having bowel movement problems. This should not come off as a surprise because amidst all the workout and health freaks trying to get us all in the team of hot, simmering bodies there are those who yawn at the thought of lifting a dumbbell, eat horribly, don’t know what vegetables are and may even have crooked postures and secretly bad sleeping patterns.

But to cut things shorter guys, you got to eat around the same good things almost all throughout your life because food can be both medicinal and delicious and rich at times even. Fruits, vegetables especially fermented vegetables, yogurt, vegan milks, fibre-high rice, fish and broths and all that are what both constipated AND loose bowel sufferers need to eat. But in different amounts of course depending on the severity of the situation.Just be wary of animal milks and cereal grains because a good number of people are extra sensitive to these food’s molecular structures and natural mutations which can cause stomach upset and autoimmune reactions. Most of the fibre should come from veggies, dark leafy greens or a mix of leafy greens and things like sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, etc. We need around 30g of fibre or a little over each day depending also on what else we eat with the fibre-rich foods. Passing your stool once a day is the healthy norm, every other day is still acceptable not very ideal unless you burn the calories fast or don’t have that many calories and activity at all. Twice a day is still okay if the stool is solid and easy, it may just mean that you have a healthy appetite and physical life but you really just eat a whole lot.

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Another thing to take precaution with- patients being overly sensitive to fibre. Fibre stays in the stomach not meant to be digested by us anyways which is also a great thing in perfectly healthy individuals for this is a colon cleanser. For injured digestive walls though, a lot of heavy foods like solid meat, grains, animal milk and fresh vegetables can tear them further. Digestive walls that are weak have bigger more porous textures so it is easier for certain food molecules to leak, so weak people who are already constipated or loose should switch to fermented vegetables.

They are already at least half-digested by good bacteria. It will become a pungent yet medicinal vegetable paste in your stomach loaded with more effective probiotics than supplements. Pickles, kimchi and sauerkraut are a few examples and it is always interesting to add a pickled element to dishes. You will discover the tangy, briny yet still pretty fresh balance it brings to a dish.

And another effective method which is also my favourite is organic brewed black coffee. Over are the days that food propaganda fooled us all into thinking certain healthy items were bad for you. Coffee was a victim, but people love to blame absolutely anything but themselves because wonderful organic items get loaded with sugar, fat and preservatives then people blame none of those. A tummy massage with green tea or a nice cup of coffee will also ease your mentality which in turns strengthens your immune system.

Ginger and peppermint is your best friend when nausea and sore throats are bugging you.

Steeping ginger root in things is fool proof and you can smell the evidence or the light, crackly burn on your finger tips before you taste it. Ginger ale, ginger tea or clean soups high in ginger are incredibly rejuvenating. It is high in potassium and other metals our bodies need as well not just Vitamin C, the B Vitamins, some salt, some sugar to keep your body balanced. It is one of those natural things that make you think “this was created to make people feel better, I love nature.”Having things like ginger or peppermint tea balance your stomach, ease your throat and senses and seems to massage your temples, also releasing some pain/pressure behind your eyes. The sweet and spicy smells are good for your cells and open up your sinuses and throat. Peppermint and ginger can be mixed together if you like the taste, the mix of sweet spiciness is a sensational tingling and healing feeling.Sipping these hot herbal teas get your stomach to ready for more water intake without rejection.

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Citrus fruits are a wonderful remedy too and classically mixed with honey which is also a healthy cure for sore throats. These all have antibacterial properties and the ingredients can be mixed up according to what you want. You could make orange flavoured ginger ale with a hint of lemon and honey if you like putting everything in one pot. Maybe even a star anise or two would make it more sweetly interesting with a licorice hit. More spices wouldn’t hurt as long as you like the taste, herbs and spices are nature’s more attractive vitamin supplements.

For aches and pains you must pretty much eat the same things.

Herbs, spices, veggies and definitely nutrient-rich broths and soups with lots of water and other drinks can include coconut water and cucumber water.

We all know that eating foods with many traces of nutrient metals balance out over all wellness but calcium is easily over consumed. Calcium is also hard to crack, you need other nutrients to unlock and fully use it or else they just get stored as calcium deposits which are not good. They are harmful and can cause many great illnesses starting by forming in your digestive tracts which block function.Milk is not all that bad but it is for some depending on body chemistry so vegan milk, natural fruit juices, teas and brewed coffee are better alternative drinks.

Remember for any aches make it back, head, ear, neck, stomach, hips or ankles remember that diets can fix nearly anything and combined with exercise and well being pretty much all ailment that hasn’t reached a far stage can be reversed.

Remember to restrain yourself! Now is not the time to spoil your cravings.

But at least you can discover healthy, delicious foods while you are sick so you can influence yourself to eat better, thus making yourself less sick in the future. Think of all the crap you ate as a child and how it’s all catching up to you now. Drop that soda and can of potato chips and hold up I know you are hiding chocolate covered Oreos in your room that we’re just plain Oreos originally. Come one, just 3-5 days of committed good dieting, and when you can’t keep up for 3 days anymore just go on with your usual junk food life but consider including things like green tea, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, fish, oats and what else and feel the difference.

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