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Steps in Properly Washing Your Hair

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Proper hair washing is important so you can avoid damage to your hair. This is also important to keep hair and scalp healthy. Below are the steps to properly wash your hair.

1. Brush

Brush your hair first before getting into the shower. This will help reduce breakage while you shower and stimulate circulation in your scalp.

2. Rinse

Make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet. Start working on the roots to the way down. Use hot or warm water to help remove any residue.

3. Condition

Use conditioner as much as possible to avoid split ends. You should use a conditioner before applying shampoo.

4. Shampoo

You should shampoo your hair properly and only lather into your scalp. Shampoo the hair near the scalp as this is the oiliest and those on the end are much drier. Just be sure not to use to much shampoo because it can damage your hair.

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5. Massage

Don’t forget to massage your scalp as this is the most important part. Massaging help increases the blood flow in your head, helping in hair growth.

6. Once is enough

You should only shampoo your hair once and use conditioner the second time. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

7. Rinse

Use cold water when rinsing your hair. This is to keep your hair shiny. Use shampoo only thrice a week to avoid dry hair.

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