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A Girl’s Tough Enemy: The Arm Jiggle (Workout Article Yay!)

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This area is one of the most frustrating parts to tone down and for a lot to even change a tad in form.  The underarm jiggle can rob a woman of some confidence and even youth.  Arms that are a bit too jiggly and untoned is quite common especially for the modern woman that is not too familiar or hyped up about exercise.  Also most of the time it does not look bad or noticeable on a lot of young or considerably fit individuals that their arms are soft and lack the potential muscle it could have but having strong and fit arms is great for anybody.  But wouldn’t it feel great to get over the laziness and take control of your own body and energy levels?  Arms exercises can be such a salty experience at first but when you push through several sessions along with diet and other exercises, you really would not want to stop.

Soft arms are due to the triceps not getting worked out so much, not all exercises target this hard to reach area and arms that are too soft and thick can throw off a great outfit or one’s own proportions.  Fit legs and okay biceps are easy to achieve, a smaller waistline needs an extra push of cardio and diet but the triceps need extra work that is why the best way to work out is to go for all-around routines.

Fitter, tighter arms also creates less skin to skin friction when it comes to the armpits, side of the chest and upper arms.  Having an overall fitter body feels transformational and rejuvenating!  Strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and overall stamina.

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Here are some basic yet crucial triceps exercises that should be done in sequence in a period of roughly around 20 -30 minutes but you can shorten it to 10.  Even if you only do these every other day and just run or do yoga/form of stretching on other days you will notice not just your arms getting slimmer but the rest of you.

Triceps Dips

Make sure you choose a stable structure, an uncertain chair can bring forth unexpected injuries, you can do this exercise easily at home and it refreshes your back and arm muscle strength.

First of make sure you pick a wide enough surface that you can spread your hands a shoulder’s width apart at your back.  Use the base of your palms along with the rest of your arms and shoulder to support yourself and help levitate that behind!  Do not sit!  Off with that behind that is putting a strain on your triceps and wrists and wherever else you feel weak.  Breathe steady and with rhythm to the movement to avoid injuries and gain maximum performance.

Your legs should be bent enough in front of you, a proper distance enough that your feet are a little past your knees, go for 90 degrees as much as possible.  This will help you propel yourself up and down, carefully using all your muscles especially your back, butt and whole arms.  Bend your elbows carefully and properly.

Repeat this 10-20 times depending on how used you are to this exercise.


This targets your entire upper body and makes certain your biceps, triceps and definitely shoulders will stay fit and even tend to bulk out more.  Always start with a perfect-as-much-as-possible plank position and everything must feel stiffened for support.  Shoulder width apart, straight body and strong arms is half of the job, determination is the other.  Begin with 5 and work your way up to 10 then 20 then 25-30.  You will be surprised what commitment can do to your body.

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With every exercise and everything you do in life remember to time your breathing.

Triceps Kickbacks and Triceps Extension (Throw in Squats!!)

Very tricky at first for weak triceps and especially for those who are not used to lifting things.  This comes in 3 main variations with all the positions having the upper body straightened yet leaning forward with 1-5 lb. weights one arm at a time, which includes: (a) one leg whose knee and front shin lays flat on the ground with the other leg bent forward, (b) simply both feet on the ground around a shoulder width apart with squats thrown in and (c) the one where you lay one bent lower leg on a lifted platform such as an exercise bench  You can also do another variation of (a) wherein both knees are on the floor and one arm in front aligned with your shoulder holds you steady as you lift away with the other arm.

And instead of taking plain breathing breaks try throwing in as many squats and arm-lengthening tricep and bicep extensions, this will further train your muscles to strengthen and be durable yet flexible.

Do as many repetitions as you can as long as you do it all well, no short cuts, quality of performance is better than quantity of rounds- especially at first.  And make sure that lifting arm is steady and bent all the way back.

One Arm Pushup

First off you on the floor and lie on your chosen side with your knees bent a little.  Proceed to then place the arm that you are lying on behind your upper back and shoulder as you press the other arm on the floor using it to lift your body carefully.  Make sure you got a strong, stiffened and well-stretched lifting arm.  Try keeping everything straightened and strong looking as you go down and up with the same rhythm as a regular pushup but with a lot more pain.

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All this pain will pay off as long as you do it with a balance of sequence, gradual speed and strength build up and the right amount of force.  Avoid injuries by stretching and moving properly!

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