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Advantages of Using Water Based Nail Polish

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Nail colors come in hundreds of different types that are not only gorgeous to look at but can actually help you make a statement with your hands. Just imagine the different nail styles that you can do with your nails to match your outfits for the week. But for those who have been using regular nail polish, its strong scent can actually be a turn off for some even though they love the color. Those who are just starting to color their nails, you might want to look into water based nail polish as it comes with numerous advantages that you will surely enjoy.

What makes water based nail polish a big hit with women these days? Here are some of its advantages that you should know about.

  1. Easy application. For novices who find applying lacquer based nail colors to be daunting, the water based ones are heaven sent. This is due to the fact that water based nail polish are so easy to apply that it won’t be long before you get the hang of beautifying your nails to match your style.
  2. It dries fast. Another advantage to applying water based nail polish is that it dries fairly quickly. This reduces the chances of smudging your nail colors while waiting for it to dry. Although many are saying that the lacquer based ones are quicker, sticking with the water based ones are much better.
  3. Long lasting. Water based nail polish can last up to two weeks at least which means that you don’t have to worry about chips or cracks in your nail color. And because it’s easy to apply, you can add another layer to your nails if you want to wear for another week or so.
  4. It’s not toxic. The difference between lacquer based nail polish and water based ones is that the latter is not toxic. They don’t have any strong odor, they’re biodegradable, and they’re safe to use even by pregnant women. Chemical based nail polish can transform your nails into a yellowish color after prolonged use which is one of the reasons why making a switch to non-toxic, water based nail polish is highly recommended.
  5. No need to apply thinner. Another plus to water based nail color is that it removes the need to apply thinner. If ever the nail polish hardens, a few drops of water can help loosen it up. This means that there will be less chemical contact for you which is a plus in terms of health.
  6. It’s easy to fix mistakes. For those who are just novices when it comes to coloring nails, you will find that water based nail polishes are easier to correct compared to lacquer nail polish. You can wipe off the color quickly using a clean piece of cloth or cotton and you can add a new nail polish immediately. This saves you the trouble of using nail color remover before re-applying a new coat of paint.
  7. Quick to remove. Aside from being easy to fix, water based nail polish is also quick to remove. Some can be removed through soaking your nails in hot water while others can be rubbed to remove from the nails. You can also use a nail color remover that is acetone-free to remove the current application without too much trouble.
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Who would have thought that water based nail polish comes with numerous advantages? If you want to test your nail color application techniques, using the water based ones will be a good starting point as it’s easy to apply and remove as well. And because it comes in a wide variety of colors, you will enjoy dressing up your nails from time to time.

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