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Clear Clogged Arteries With This Simple Drink!

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Worried about clogged arteries? The answer may be found, not in your medicine cabinets, but in your kitchen or pantries!

A recent study published in the Atherosclerosis journal shows that pomegranate extract may reverse and prevent the underlying pathologies of the cardiovascular system, that lead to heart attacks and bypass surgeries.

This study also adds to the clinical study showing that pomegranate can help unclog your arteries. A 2004 study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal showed the result of a 3 year clinical trial in an Israeli population, that the daily consumption of pomegranate juice reversed carotid artery stenosis by up to 29% within 1 year. Also the blockages in the control group increased by 9%, indicating that pomegranate’s artery unblocking effects were even greater than at first apparent.

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Pomegranate’s benefit in cardiovascular disease is extensive, as shown by the following experimentally confirmed properties:

– Anti-inflammatory
– Blood Pressure Lowering Properties
– Antioxidant

How can a simple fruit be this beneficial to your heart?

This is because pomegranate juice has a high concentration of antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

Pomegranates are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation have a huge role in heart disease. It is a powerful antioxidant, good for lowering blood pressure, and anti-infective.

So make it a habit to drink pomegranate juice and incorporate it into your daily diet.

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