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Get Whiter, Healthier Teeth with These Tips

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Toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, floss are three things we typically have in our dental care kit. But there’s one alteration that you can make for an even better dental care routine, and you will only need coconut oil.

Coconut oil gets rid of harmful bacteria to prevent tooth decay
and make your breath fresh. Cleaning your mouth with a tablespoon of oil is called “oil pusher”.

This may seem new to many, but this practice actually originated
from the Ayurveda medicine 3,000 years back. It’s also discovered that aside from removing bacteria, it helps whiten teeth as well.

Some coconut oil products are marketed for cosmetic use, you
may need to steer clear from these. Due to the ratio of its chemical content, it may not be used for other purposes such
as rinsing the mouth. However, you can use coconut oil to
make a toothpaste in your home. It is recommended that you use Virgin Coconut Oil, which you can find anywhere.

This homemade toothpaste is easy to make with these very simple steps. Melt about 30 grams of Virgin Coconut Oil in a bowl and mix it with 3 table spoons of baking soda until its consistency is similar to commercial toothpaste. Coconut oil solidifies above 24-26 Celsius, so make sure that you throw whatever left in the trash. Don’t flush it in your sink since oil floats instead of sticking to the pipes. This way, you are also protecting the environment.

The baking soda content will help whiten your teeth. To get rid of
bad breath, you can also brush your tongue like what we do with a regular toothpaste. The antimicrobial power of coconut oil will bacteria living on the tongue. It will leave your mouth fresh and clean with a hint of fresh coconut scent.

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The regular toothpaste that we use prevents tooth decay,reduces the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis, and freshens breath, but you can also get these benefits from using this homemade toothpaste without the harmful chemicals.


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