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After Holidays Weight Loss Tips

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We all know the feeling of being stuffed like a turkey after the holidays especially when we’ve been off partying with family and friends. Unfortunately, the after holiday effects can be a huge problem especially when you step on the weighing scale. Those extra pounds you are carrying are sure to be reflected in your midsection, hips, and thighs. So how will you be able to bounce back from your food binge during the holidays?

Set achievable goals. Losing one to two pounds per week is an achievable goal. Fitness and health experts recommend that you stop after losing ten pounds so you can maintain your weight for six months. Afterwards, you can lose some more.

Choose the right breakfast. If you want to start your after holidays weight loss, you need to have a good breakfast and not the one where you will eat more but a meal that will jumpstart your metabolism. What you need is a breakfast that consists of fiber and lean protein. It would be better if you go for foods that contain insoluble fiber such as whole grains to help with digestion and bowel movements.

Keep eating. Those who have kept their weight down for years are the ones who eat four to five times in a day. Eating light snacks in between meals can keep your cravings down so that you will eat less during lunch and dinner. This habit can also aid your metabolism in burning excess fats for fuel so you will have a steady source of energy throughout the day.

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Food swaps. Most of us use salt or fats to add flavour to our meals but try substituting these with spices like cinnamon or even ginger and you will find that your dishes have that extra kick while being kind to your midsection. These two spices are actually known to aid in digestion so you won’t feel bloated afterwards.

Leave something for tomorrow. Another trick to reduce your holiday weight gain is to leave a portion of your meal for the following day especially when you’re eating out. Ask the waiter for a doggy bag or have your meal packed for take-out so you can eat it the next day. Reducing your intake even if it is just one third of your usual meal can save you quite a lot of calories.

Bananas can help. Cutting back on your salt intake can help reduce bloat but you also need to get more potassium in your body to improve the look of your belly. Bananas are one of the best sources of potassium which can help remove any excess of sodium in your body. Milk and yogurt also contain potassium which is a plus.

Start counting. Studies have shown that craving for something usually lasts up to 10 minutes only so instead of reaching out for that salty or sweet snack you’ve been eyeing since this morning, why not give yourself a ten-minute break and go do something else such as wash the dishes, answer emails, and the like. You’ll find that your cravings have already disappeared.

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Stay away from sweeteners. If you want to start detoxifying your body then you have to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Honey is considerably better or green stevia powder. For snacks, munch on some apples, figs, or berries as they are naturally sweet while giving your body extra vitamins and minerals.

These are just a few post-holiday diet tips that are worth keeping in mind if you want to start losing weight. You might be surprised on the improvement in your weight after a few weeks when you follow these steps.

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