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5 Amazing Tips to Get That Naturally Sexy Lips

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We always wonder what makes lips sexy? Is it determine by color, shape, size or the placement on the face? We use our lips not just to communicate but we use them for kissing, affection, and to express our sexuality.

Don’t have Scarlett Johansson’s or Angelina Jolie’s full, pink and pouty pair? Don’t stress. Make the most of what you’ve got by following these five steps.

1. Define their shape

You should use a high quality lip pencil in outlining the shape of your lips. You can either use a natural color that is the color of your lips or match the tone of your lipstick.

2. Exfoliate

This is a good method to make your lips smooth. You can use a dry and clean toothbrush then rub Vaseline into the bristles, then gently brush your lips for a few seconds to smooth the rough spots away.

3. Condition with balm

Your lips needs moisturization as well. Expert make-up artist says that it is best if you practice putting on lip balm full of moisturizing emollients like glycerin and beeswax.
Moisturization is important in getting that perfect pout.

4. Protect lips from the sun

It is not just your skin that needs protection from the sun. Always remember to apply a lip balm that has SPF 15. Also remember to re-apply frequently throughout the day.

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5. Add some color

When choosing color for your lipstick, always choose a color that is a couple of shades darker than your skin color. As much as possible avoid frosted shades, light pastels, green, blue or black.

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