10 Surprising Uses of Lip Balm You Should Know

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We all know that lip balm is best use when the weather begins to get cold and skin starts to dry out. But you can find alternative ways to make use of lip balm. Some of them may surprise you as well. Read on below to find out some ways to use lip balm other than your lips.

1. Groom your Eyebrows

You can also use lip balm to groom your eyebrows. Just apply some lip balm along your brows and them brush them into place.

2. Hair Taming

You can use the lip balm as a substitute for taming your hair. Just rub a bit of lip balm into your hands and spruce up your hair in a bit. You can use this instead of water or gel.

3. Lubricating zippers

You can use lip balm to loosen up a stuck zipper in your tent, sweat shirt or pants. Just rub a little bit of lip balm on the zipper to help loosen it up!

4. Treat dry cuticles

Are you out of cuticle cream? Just rub a bit of lip balm onto your dry cuticles. This will help them keep moisturized and prevent hangnails.

5. Stop minor stracthes or cuts

If you accidentally cut yourself and you got a scrape, you can use a lip balm to heal and soothe your minor cut faster.

6. Prevent blisters

You can use a lip balm to get some relief from your blisters caused by your new shoes. Just rub a lip balm on the affected area.

7. Makeup

You can use a lip balm to replace your eye primer with this alternative moisturizer. Just apply into your lids before putting on makeup to keep you looking fresh all day.

8. Shine your shoes

Want to add some sparkle into your shoes? Just grab a clean rag and rub some lip balm into it and then go rub it in your shoes to help keep them shiny!

9. Dry skin

Do you have dry skin? Those itchy dry patches that are so irritating? Then grab a bit of lip balm and apply into your fingers and gently rub into the dry skin. You can even apply them at the heels of your feet if you have cracked heels.

10. Remove a stuck ring

Got your ring stuck on your finger? Go get your lip balm and rub into your finger, to free your ring loose.

Do you use your lip balm for anything non-lip-related? Tell us!

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