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Have Your Best Lipstick Ever in 8 Easy Ways!

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Lipstick can transform your look from demure to vixen in seconds flat. It can instantly revamp your look, carry you through from day to night or whatever look you want to project.

We asked the opinion of experts for the top tips and tricks for getting your best lipstick look ever.

1. To set your lipstick to last all day or longer, first apply the shade, rub a tissue then dust with a layer of powder over your lips. Then re-apply the lipstick to form the base for it to last longer.

2. To prevent your lipstick from getting into your teeth, you can try this trick. Close your lips around your finger while putting it in your mouth. While your lips is still closed you can pull out your finger. Voila! The lipstick is now on your finger and not on your teeth.

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3. There is no perfect way to apply your lipstick. It’s up to you. What works well for you will do, as long as your lips looks fabulous.

4. Choose the shade of lipstick that works well for you. Matte and dark shades tend to make lips look thinner and glossy, shimmery and white light makes lips fuller.

5. When wearing a lipstick, be mindful of your actions. Use a straw when drinking to avoid ruining your lipstick.

6. Apply lipstick first, then the lip liner. This way the lip liner will apply on smoothly and more easily to your lips.

7. Define the shape of your actual lips using a lip liner. You want to go natural and not create new lip lines.

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8. After you’ve applied a lip liner, soften the lines by tracing your fingers over it. Then use a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone and apply it at the border of your lips for that bolder look.

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