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Bad Habits of Running

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A majority number of people have the ability to run. As early as they were children, most people were already running around their homes or outside in the park. As people get older, they realize that they must exercise in order to keep healthy. Some exercise to lose weight and improve their appearance. For
whichever reasons people exercise, they must perform cardio
vascular exercise to perform good exercising. The best cardiovascular exercise will forever be running. Running improves the body in all aspects. It improves heart rate, muscles, lungs, breathing, digestion, etc.
People who continuously run for cardiovascular exercise may not be aware that there is a science behind running. This refers to running properly. There is certainly a correct way to run that every person should be aware of. Otherwise, they perform the activity with certain bad habits that should be eliminated if they
are going to run properly. When they kick the bad habits out the window, their exercise will be done with optimal results. Let us take a closer look at the bad habits that many runners do.

Bad Habit

Runners often twist their body side to side when running. This is the first bad habit of running. What many runners do, especially when they are struggling to gain more speed or if they are tired is to attempt to gain more power by twisting their torso side to side. They often use their shoulders to twist their body side to side. This is when their arms move towards their chest region. This results in cross-swinging motion that is just plain bad form for running.

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How to Correct

In running at a fast paced speed, runners must align their arms, torso, hips, and legs towards the direction that they are running in. It is a straight line of motion that they must continuously perform to achieve optimal out put from their body. The arms move front to back while their elbows effortlessly swinging under the shoulders. Their legs should move to their natural range
of motions with the knee moving to high positions at the front side of the body while the other is pushing towards the intended direction.

Bad Habit

Many runners, especially when they have been running for long distances, have the tendency to lift their heads up in order to force themselves to exert more effort. This is a bad habit because when you look up, you do not clearly see what you are running on. Oftentimes, there are holes on the ground or sidewalks that seem to come out of nowhere. When runners do not see these road obstacles, they trip on these and fall down hard on the ground. This could easily result insprained bones or torn ligaments.

How to Correct

To correct this, runners must realize that they cannot force themselves to exert more energy by looking up high while running. They must keep their head straight and in line with the direction that they are running in. This will allow them to pay close attention to the road that they are running on.

Bad Habit

Many runners often lean forward when running. This is a bad habit when runners lean forward too much. This takes away from your power or ability to run faster as your balance is affected when you lean. The correct motion of running has everything to do with proper posturing of the body. The correct posture is to have an upright torso while running.

How to Correct

To correct this bad habit, you must strive to straighten your torso while running. Allow the momentum of your body to rely on your legs for more power. With a straight torso, you are also able to get into the rhythm of running as your arms are also moving together with your body.
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