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Haircut Trends for 2015

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2014 was the year of the short haircuts. Bob hairstyles and pixie cuts ruled the runways and red carpets. This year the short hairstyles are still trending, but this year can be the time for long hairstyles. Fashion week has been sporting some classic long straight line cuts and we predict that long and classic haircuts are going to trend. Another haircut trend coming this 2015? Edgy short haircuts for the brave and trendsetters.

Here are some haircut trends you can try for 2015

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts are easy to manage and don’t take a lot of effort to style. These short haircuts are great for jet-setters and people that are always on the go.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Edgy Pixie Cuts – This edgy version creates dimension in the hair and frames the face. A little mousse on the hair should be used to style this hair.

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Haircut Trends for 2015

Blunt Bob – Blunt bobs are a crowd favorite. It is easy to manage and great for framing the face. This haircut is great for people with heart shaped face and soft angles. Blunt cut also gives fullness to thin hair. Blunt bobs will always be a classic hairstyle and will remain timeless.

Medium Length Hair Cut

Medium length hair has conquered the hair styling universe this past year. From edgy asymmetrical lobs, classic layered to clean blunt bobs. Here are must try medium length haircuts this year.

Haircut Trends for 2015Medium Length Blunt Cuts – A lot of celebrities are sporting this cut and we love it. This cut is great for styling and managing. It also appears very clean and airy. This is a great haircut for people that want to a short haircut but aren’t too keen on going too short. You can add your own spice to this cut by adding on some fringes.

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Haircut Trends for 2015Asymmetrical Lob/ Long Bob – Asymmetrical cuts brings gives regular cuts an edge. This cut looks chic and stylish. Asymmetrical lobs are great for styling, it can be styled with beach waves or a simple straightener. This cut requires a trim every 2 months.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Tousled or feathery layers – This cut is great for thick hair. This tousled look is said to be the modern version of the Farrah Fawcett cut. This haircut is great with waves.

Long Length Haircuts

Long hairs are making a comeback this year. Braids, waves and curls, you can style long hair any way you want. Do you have short hair? Hair Extensions work as well as real hair.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Front Layered Blunt Cut – This cut frames the face without taking volume off the hair. This is a great cut for people with thin hair. Ask for long layers if you have heart shaped face or triangle shaped face.

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Haircut Trends for 2015

Graduated and Layered cut – This cut is great for removing weight from the hair and creating texture. This haircut works for straight, wavy and naturally curly hair.

Natural Curly Hair

These haircuts are great for people with super curly hair or tightly coiled hair.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Carved Cut – This is great for people with short and natural curly hair. This cut depends on the person’s hair and head shape. The carved cut hair creates a shape that accentuates the face. This haircut is great for heart shaped faces.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Graduated Cut – This haircut is great for medium length to long curly hair. It adds volume and bounce to hair making it easy to style. The general shape of the cut gives the persons face more dimensions.

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Fringes are a great way to change your look without chopping a whole lot. It also works for any hair length.

Haircut Trends for 2015

Side swept– The must have fringe right now is the side swept full bangs. This type of fringe covers the forehead. It needs a bit of styling product to maintain its shape. You can use a styling mousse and blow dry it to your desired style. This type of fringe is great for long face shapes and round face shapes.

There you have it, here are the some of the trends in haircuts for this year. Be adventurous and go for the short and edgy or beautiful natural curled layers. No matter what the trends is this year just remember to do you. Cut your hair the way you want to and work it.

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