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Festive Makeup Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner and if you think it’s just going to be the food and what to wear, or even which party to attend to then you’re clearly missing out on how to look on this special holiday. Since it is all about the festivities, then ditch the gothic look and deck your face with sparkles and more vibrant colors. Think  of festive colors which are what Christmas is all about. If you are running out of ideas or this is a new thing for you, then these makeup ideas are just perfect to start with.

Glittery cat eyes

If you are fond of cat’s eyes then you are in luck because you can still sport this catty look this Christmas with a bit of glitter on your eyelids. A bit of brown eyeshadow can work as the base of this look. Smudge the shadow for a bit before applying glitter eye shadow on top. Use your eyeliner to draw the cat’s eyes afterwards and you are done.

Opaque gilded lids and neutral lips

If you want to make a statement with your Christmas makeup then golden eye shadow is a must. Paint your entire eyelids, even a bit of your brows if you like, with golden eye shadow and blend. Now go for a neutral shade for your lips since your eyes will be the ones to do all the talking.

Shimmer eye shadow

Of course your Christmas makeup won’t be complete without a bit of shimmer to your eyes so extra layer of glitter eye shadow is a good idea. Blend this evenly. The next step would be to make your lips pop since your eye shadow is a bit lacking. Now, opting for red lipstick on this one is going to be a huge success as it is going to be Christmas for sure.

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Copper smoky eyes and matte tangerine lips

Here is another Christmas look that will make heads turn for sure. A bit of copper eye shadow transformed into smoky eyes will give you that mysterious vibe even when it is Christmas. This is perfect for those night outs with your friends come the holidays. Match your copper eyes with some matte tangerine lips and you can party all night long decked for Christmas glamor.

Ice princess

Love Frozen? Well, you can channel your inner Elsa with a bit of ice princess going on with your eyes. Go for some light blue eye shadow and some glitter. Start with the light blue on the inner corner of your eyes then gradually darkening as you reach the outer corners of your eyes. Swipe some glitter eye shadow across your eyes and smudge gently. Apply some eyeliner to balance the light and you are done. You can choose to use a bit of red lipstick or go light on your lips if you are aiming to accentuate your eyes.

Canary glitter eyes and chocolate lips

Christmas sure has plenty of chocolates to be shared with everyone so tap into your chocolate lover side and get some chocolate lipstick to coat your lips with. Now balance this with some golden and glitter eye shadow and you are ready to rock the chocolate look for your Christmas party. 

These are just a few ideas that can help you complete your Christmas look. Play with your eye shadows and lips and you’ll get some amazing results for sure. Just make sure that if you are going to darken your eyes lighten your lips and vice versa.

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