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Cool Nail Arts to Try

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Nail arts are quite fun to make but just because there are overly complicated designs, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to pull off your own nail arts. There are plenty of easy and fun nail art designs that are cool enough to wear no matter what the occasion and the best part is that they will look good on you too. Here are some cool nail art ideas to try.

Elegant flowers

Flowers on your nails will never go out of date and they can be as colorful or as simple as you want them to be. For this nail art, subtle flowers on your nails will look perfect for your day-to-day outfit. To pull this off, you should paint your nails with white nail polish first then allow to dry. Now get some white black nail polish and draw some stems for your flowers. Now get your pink nail polish to draw the petals on the flower and you are done. You should do this on two of your nails only and you are done.


Another nail art that will work nicely on your nails is emerald which Rihanna pulled off quite beautifully. Get emerald nail polish and apply it on your nails and allow to dry. Add rhinestones or your choice of jewels to make your nails pop.


You can feel like a princess with this nail art design and the best part is that it’s not that difficult to do. Blue green nail polish is the best for this but you can opt for purple too. Paint three nails with your choice of color then paint the rest in nude. Now get some jewels of the same color as your base color and apply on your nude nails. Pearls too can make your nails look more elegant and you’ll feel like royalty after.

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Junk food mani

Who said that you can’t add junk food to your nails? Your favorite hotdog, pizza, even those candies that you love can be painted on your nails too. To make this nail art really stand out, paint each nail with your desired junk food and you are done. Just make sure that you apply top coat afterwards to seal in the color.

Tropical theme

Do you miss the blue of the ocean? Well, channel the tropical theme with this nail art. Start with painting your nails in dark blue. Let them dry. Use different shades of green to paint leaves on your nails. Use yellow nail polish to draw the center of the flower and let them dry. Paint the petals of the flowers with your choice of colors. Seal with the top coat.

Gummy candy

Gummy candies are delicious treats so if you can’t get enough of it, why not paint them on your nails? Choose different shades for your gummy nails and paint draw two shades on each paint. Allow them to dry. Now apply a dusting of glitter on top of each nails and you are done.

Nautical inspired

Another cool nail art that you can do to your nails is nautical. Paint your nails in white and blue stripes with one nail in white and an anchor for design. You can draw vertical or horizontal stripes if you like. 

These nail arts are so fun to do and can be done in just a few minutes. Even if you don’t go to a salon you can still make your nails on your own. So grab your nail polish and start painting your nails now.

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