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Natural Remedies that Treat Ear Infections Quickly

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Earaches can happen from time to time, and although some consider it as a nuisance, at times the pain can be debilitating. There are some who need to go to a doctor to help with the pain where usually antibiotics are prescribed, but if you wish to alleviate the discomfort that you are feeling until the time that you can head to a specialist, perhaps these remedies can help out.

Hot compress

One way to reduce the pain in your ear is to place a hot pad on the ear for about 20 minutes. You should also do the same on your neck and throat too. Take note that the pad shouldn’t be too hot when pressed on your skin as you might burn yourself.


Giving yourself a gentle massage may help improve the earache that you are experiencing. You should massage the surrounding areas too to help boost the blood circulating in the area to reduce the inflammation that may be present. When you massage yourself, make sure that your movements should be in a downward motion to help drain any excess fluids.

Naturopathic drops

These ear drops are typically made from herbal extracts and have been found to have moderate effects on earaches. Just put a few drops of this solution on the affected ear and let it do its job.

Reduce pressure on ear

If you tend to sleep on the side where your affected ear is, it might be better to find a different sleeping position instead. This can help prevent putting pressure on the injured ear and may reduce aggravating the problem too. You can also add another pillow under your head to keep it elevated as this will help with draining any fluids that may be lingering in your ears.

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Babies who are experiencing earaches may get some relief when they suckle. For children and adults, you can suck on cough or candy drops to reduce the discomfort that you are feeling.


Another solution that you may want to try is ginger. The anti-inflammatory properties of this spice can reduce the pain in your ear. You can prepare some ginger juice or add some ginger on warm, strained oil before applying on the outer edges of your ear canal. You should not use this as an ear drop to avoid any problems.


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